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‘Barkur-on-line Team’ always tries to show-case the best Barkurian ethos and cultural diversity, and every effort is made so is our wish to capture the entire spectrum of Barkur’s vibrant colors. One such effort in line is the below chronology of great events involving our Barkur, over the centuries, which is prepared based on the following records and books published from time to time.

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Based on the research made by  Ms. Poornima S. Belle

Collected by Miss Divya Furtado, Vice President, ICYM, Barkur.

Thanks to the Librarian, SMS College, Brahmavar,

&  Dr. K.B.Shivatarak, M.A., Ph.D., Dip in Epigraphy.

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Inscriptions - Alupa


There are  two  inscriptions in Barakur which tells about CHOLAattack on  South  Kanara.  These  two inscriptions are found in Mudukeri of Barakuru. They are in  kannada  script and language.These were  engraved  during  Alupa  ruler  BANKIDEVA  I,  they mention about the name of Shatara ruler who defeated Chola. For the first time there is mention  about  tulu  language in SouthKanara in this inscriptions.

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Inscriptions - Hoysala & Vijayanagara

Hoysala Inscriptions

For the first  time South Kanara was directly  ruled by  Hoysala.Ballala III of  Hoysala dynasty attacked upon Alupas in 1333 A.D.The battle ended with matrimonial alliance. Alupa ruler Soyidevagave the  Alupa  queen  Chikkayi Tayi in marriage to Ballala III and Chikkayi Tayi ruled over Tuluva country from Barakuru as hercapital. Thus Hoysala rule started in this region.

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Inscriptions - Morpo-Phonemic Changes In The Place Name Barakuru And its Derivation

For a  proper  study and interpretation of a place name it is necessary   to know the  earliest  form  of  the name and the later changes that it    has undergone from time to time. We may first trace the morpho-phonemic changes epigraphs and then  proceed  to  the derivation of the earliest    form of the name.The earliest form  of  the  name  available  in the Durga (Mahalakshmi) temple inscription of Hosala in Barakuru.  On  palaeographical  grounds    it is assignable to the 11th century A.D.

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Food For Thought And Further Contribution...EVALUATION....!!

Dear readers,

I have compiled here few quotes / extracts from well-known writers and Scholars with due credit, wherein the historical prominence of Barkur…. and one of the version, how the name of Barkur derived from is narrated…at about 2000 years back.

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Inscriptions - Political background of South Canara

Historical  Tulunadu  comprised the District of South Kanara (un divided) and parts of North Kanara. The name Tulunadu was in vougue from the early  centuries of the  Christian  era right upto the close of Keladi rule. The  most interesting  aspect  is the fact that the Tulu language is confirmed  today only to the  region  south of the river Kalyanapura upto Kasargodu.

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Know About Ancient BARKUR

Dear Readers,

This write-up is prepared on the basis of some clues and various articles, we read and remember …, of course lot of links missing…, many of you maybe knowing better part of  history /  possessing records, of Barkur…, it is in the general interest, we appeal you, to send the same to this Barkur  web-site…

On behalf of Barkur web-site,

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Historical Places in & around Barkur


Barkur is about16kms. North of Udupi, Barkur was once the capital of the Alupa Rulers and a province of the Vijaynagar Empire. Remnants of the two forts built by these rulers are still visible. Amongst the many temples built over the years, are the Panchalingeshwara Temple (8th Century A.D.), Batte Vinayaka Temple (9th – 10th Century A.D.) and the Ganapathi Shrine of Moodukeri (13th – 14th Century A.D.)

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An Interview with Dr. Jagadeesh Shetty and Dr. Vasanth Shetty

We are pleased to publish an Interview exclusively for the vistors of, with Dr. B. Jagadeesh Shetty, Professor and Head of the Department of History, Poornaprajna College, Udupi-576101. Our team members Kishoo, Harry D’Souza and Mr.Stephen Lewis of Mayura Studio & Video, Saligrama, met Dr. Shetty at his residence. Here is the interview…

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