Its the choice between BJPs Shobha Karandlaje Or Cong & JDS combine candidate Pramod Madwaraj in Udupi - Chickmagalore…..

It’s the choice between BJP’s Shobha Karandlaje Or Cong & JDS combine candidate Pramod Madwaraj in Udupi - Chickmagalore….. By P. Archibald Furtado.

Is there a need of Teachers Associations in parish level…?

As all of us aware, the New Diocese of Udupi took its birth on 15th October, 2012. The infant diocese marching ahead with lot many unique programmes…..One such revolutionary step was of forming of 18 Aayoga’s to involve majority of the parishioners and implement both diocesan and parish level objectives of liturgical / social programmes and  make community more participative, cohesive and in a way accountable. It’s a welcome move to nurture leadership qualities, encourage common man’s likes and an opportunity to those who have spare time, to utilize it fruitfully.

Brief History of Christians in Kallianpur Varado

Unfortunate schism of 1888 and its effects….
Mission union and communion….
A special reference to the tireless efforts Fr. Alfred Roche and others…..

Rev. Fr. Patrick Rodrigues…..a priest with a difference….

This is a story of 1978, some 40 years back; I had just appeared my First PUC exams in May in the local National Junior College, Barkur, and waiting for results. In the same May, 4th, 1978, our next door neighbor Rev. Fr. Anthony Fernandes priestly ordination was held at Milagres Church, Mangalore, along with five other priests. It caught our attention of the one who spoke so impressively, to express their gratitude to the then Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Basil S. D’Souza and others. When we saw Fr. Patrick Rodrigues, the man spoke on that day, as the replacement of Rev. Fr. Henry D’Souza, the founder of CYM Barkur, as our new Assistant Parish Priest, on 23rd May, 1978, our hearts filled with great joy………to herald a new era of youth triumph in Barkur…!

Miraculous wooden statue of St Peter the Apostle

Few of our elderly Barkurians may be aware of the practice to venerate a small but very attractive statue of St Peter the Apostle, our patron, on 29th June every year, in our Church at Barkur. In 60’s till early 80’s this practice was on, which I witnessed and the decorated image was placed in the sanctuary,in front of the Main Altar, most of the time near the St. Joseph’s……..Almost Nine days Novena prayer used to be there and many devotees from far and near, used to put in their petitions, prayers, candles and donations in the box…..!

A marvelous Heritage Structure: St. Peter Church, Barkur.

All of us are aware of the much needed repair, restoration and maintenance of almost a century old Barkur Church Building has commenced since October, 2018. First of all, those who have liking, love and passion for age old architectural monuments felt a sigh of relief, as it has now a days, become a fashion, prestige and show, to demolish the old Church buildings and construct new ones. Of course, a good number of them have become congested and few beyond economical repair…..though not outdated, spacious ones were required to accommodate the enlarged parish family……Few were absolutely a waste of resources, a subject of envy to those eyes, who look at us with suspicion….

A DECADE OF DRAMAS 1976 to 1987

This was the scenario about 30 –40 years back, there were no computers, no TV, no mobiles. In the whole town of Barkur there were only five land telephone lines. Even the Church had no telephone…!


People had to depend on Radio and newspapers both for information and entertainment. Native folklore yakshagana, traditional sports like Kambala, feasts like rathotsava were the only occasions to public to enjoy en-masse. In our parish annual feast in the 3rd week of Dec every year was the one young and old eagerly waiting? However, Dec last week feast of neighboring Brahmmavar and 2nd week of January in Sastan too was attended in large number by us. Even if the feast was missed for compulsory school attendance, it was the evening Drama’s in all these parishes we never missed….!

Maryknoll Girls High School to Maryknoll High School



We the Barkurians, always remain grateful to all the educational Institutions in our town, especially these three – Maryknoll Hr Primary School, National Junior College and Maryknoll High school, all three of them having a colourful history of yeomen service and achievements for more than 50 long years.  These are the Schools where most us studied, during those days of scarcity, poverty and poor transport facilities. Today, parents have options, money and amenities to send their children to the distant and distinguished, Schools and Institutions of their choice....!

With love to my Friend John & cousin Joyce on their Silver Jubilee of married life

Indeed it’s a great day; John & Joyce are Celebrating 25 years of married life.


About 25 years ago to talk about ‘John and Joyce’ was as easy as drinking a glass of water.  I spoke innumerable times, during n number of occasions, during various celebrations in their family, both in Barkur and here in Muscat..... They were ‘Brand Barkurians’ the couple is ‘Brand Mangalore in Muscat’; they have grown to be the popular faces amongst Mangaloreans in Oman.  It’s a proud privilege to me, as their Friend for the last 4 decades, rather known to the family for the last 50 odd years....and to raise the toast on their Silver Jubilee....!


No doubt almost 10% of our life is closely associated with this primary School. In other words on an average 7 long years we spent in this almamator - mostly in studying, partly playing and as a whole enjoying.......! Now this Institution, a temple of learning, Maryknoll Higher Primary School, Hosala - Barkur, is at the threshold of celebrating Platinum Jubilee in December, 2015 – 75 years of fruitful existence – 1940 - 2015 in the service Barkurians.


We were fortunate to have well dedicated teachers – I mean; at least half a dozen of them entirely dedicated their life of themselves to the profession chosen, remaining away from families of their own.......! The teachers who taught us in Class one – Agnes Fernandez and Josephine Montherio, In Class II Jethruz Gonsalves and Angeline Fernandez, Class III - Mary D’Souza......were just few names, who remained unmarried, but taken care of the students in their hand with mothers love.

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