Very Rev. Msgr. Denis Jerome DSouza

All of us Barkurian’s devoutly offer our prayers at the magnificent St. Peter’s Church premises – its very exteriors…. more precisely its interiors, not only create a serene holy atmosphere to praise the glory of Almighty but also  inculcate  proud feelings in all of us, to offer gratitude’s to the people who provided this place of worship. It’s very true, most of us don’t know who the mastermind is or architect, planned and executed such a marvelous Barkur Church structure as early as about a century back, got inaugurated in the blessed hands of then Bishop H.E. Paul Perini on 28th May, 1923.

Late Herald Sequeira

A life lived for others than self, in fond remembrance of….


A founder member of CYM Barkur, when he was just 13 of teenage years in 1976, (its founder director, at present the Bishop of Bellary Diocese Rt. Rev. Dr. Henry D’Souza) and since then, was so closely, passionately and actively associated with it for the next 15 years, being its office bearer in different capacities ranging Cultural Secretary to President……… then moving to Bombay, here too playing a pivotal role, hand in hand with other like minded people, in mobilizing youth force to come together 1984 to 1988 and to form SPCYA  (St. Peter’s Catholic Youth Association Barkur – Mumbai) in 1985 followed  till the foundation of today’s giant Barkurian SPA (St. Peter’s Association Barkur - Mumbai) way back on 17th April, 1988.

The Expressions

The Expressions – a colorful decade of purposeful existence…..

The Expressions, today a reservoir of enormous goodwill, a popular banner, an household name in the eyes of art lovers, in this northern part of the Diocese of Mangalore and a wonderful platform to provide an opportunity to demonstrate the talents of Members…. and in others as well, to the society, as it was formed to serve and support the members to exhibit best in them, with excellence and dedication, thereby contributing for the mutual growth, recognition and development.

Migration & Barkurians

MIGRATION & BARKURIANS………some facts and few effects…..

At leisure, had an habit of looking back to our fore fathers and, many of us can notice we the Coastal Christians and more so Barkurian’s are attracted to migration, from time to time, in search of better pastures - may it be higher education, a rewarding career, high standard of living, better health and wealth……That’s the reason we are now found everywhere and scattered in every nook and corner of this globe.  Surely it’s not an easy task, adjust to a new place, surrounding and atmosphere or climate, but we are very flexible, friendly, adjustable, and tolerable and will be part and parcel of the new place, mingle with people very easily, irrespective of caste, color or religion. Moreover we are very quick to learn any foreign language and their customs and practices……!

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Pedruchi Chavi June 2016
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Alice Sequeira (78), Barkur
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