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My summer vacation in Barkur

Every summer vacations I waited impatiently to go to my native place in Barkur. Escaping from the maddening fast Bombay life to a place that is so beautiful, calm and rejuvenating  was something I always looked forward to. My memories as a child in Barkur were filled  with lots of fun and frolic. My dad's younger brother stays in barkur at present with his  wife and 3 children.

I also remember my grandmother living there who passed away some years back. Country life is so amazing. Everyone knows who you are, and does not hesitate to approach you and speak with you, unlike in Bombay. People have always been friendly  and whenever they would see me they would identify me by my grandfathers name. That's how familiar people were with one another.

The most beautiful thing about this place were the green fields just in the backyard and the amount of trees surrounding the place is a sight you would seldom find in a city like  Bombay. I remember going for long walks in the fields with my cousins cracking jokes  and at times talking of ghosts, that was a hot topic of discussion for us.

There was this one incident I can never forget, around 10 in the night my cousins and I after dinner were  sitting and narrating stories about ghosts and the people they knew who had seen ghosts. We were sitting near the window and I was leaning against the window while they were sitting opposite me with the wall behind them. My cousin sister was telling a story about  some spirit she might have seen and while she was talking my attention went on to the  wall behind her, I suddenly realized two small lights reflecting on the wall, I kept looking at it wondering what it could be. I then turned towards the window next to me and shriek.....

Another amazing experience was when we went fishing in the river at night..... Oh that was so cool I can never forget that. I could feel the water snakes swimming beside my legs and I dared not move at that time. We caught crabs and some fish whose names I don't know now. We also visited the  the old fort  and always wished we could find some treasure there, but we never did. All we did there was act like kings protecting our fort from the enemy.

We also visited Udupi to do our shopping and eat Gadbad ice creams. I guess every  Manglorean knows about famous Gadbad .

Today at 23 I sit back and think of all the funny and the beautiful moments that I had  in Barkur and it makes me feel so good. These were just a few of the wonderful times .I spent in this little village that always rejuvenated my nerves and my family's too.....

Hope I will go there again soon.

-Tania Fernandes, 28 Aug 2002, Bombay

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