If Only


If only every consecutive leaf was to bear fruit, (as above James Fernandes’ cucumber runner) and if every fruit were to grow to edible maturity, in spite of the parched or scorched land, even hunger in Mars can be avoided. (August 2012.) Unless the prayers and hard work go up, blessings won’t come down. Global warming is real. Plowing the land helps global cooling.

-James Fernandes, USA,20/08/2012

Fond Remembrance

Assumpta Fernandes
Thenkabettu, Moodahadu, Barkur


Dear Mai,

You left us twenty five years ago. "Amma neenu saayaleke?" still murmers in our minds.

From Sons, their families, along with your grand and great grand children. 22/07/2012

Happy 80th Birthday

Ledwin D'Almeida
Kachur, Barkur


Dear Mai,

We wish you a very happy 80th Birthday. We pray to God to grant you good health and happiness in the years to follow.

From Patrick & Family, Lizzie & Family, Joyce & Family, Jerry & Family, Elsie & Family, Reggie & Family and Noel & Family. 20/07/2012

Fond Remembrance



Sent by Dinesh Poojari, UAE, 09/06/2012


Rev.Fr.Ivon D'Almeida


Wishing Fr Ivon D'almeida on 14th anniversary of his ordination on 12.05. 2012. Lots of love and wishes from Mom Celine D'Almeida, Brothers, Sisters, Brothers in law, Sisters in laws and entire Almeida Family, Heradi, Barkur. 06/06/2012

Golden Wedding Anniversary

Leena and Robert DSouza
Kudru, Barkur (26/04/2012)

Wishes from,

Sony, Srujal, Sushran, Ivon and Suchithra D'souza,Barkur, Griston,Riona, Claudy and Rekha DSouza Barkur, Stenila, Steven and Suchithra D'Souza, Barkur, Merwin, Rolwin, Rozlin and Melwin Almeida, Godwin DSouza Melwyn DSouza and Sr Rofina DSouza, Barkur ,15/05/2012

Golden Wedding Anniversary

Neli and George Martis
Kudru, Barkur

We really didn't realize
Till our childhood days had past
Just how deep your love was,
Or how long that love could last
But I did grow, and come to know,
In one way or another,
The happiness and love and care
You gave, Dad and Mom
And when a special day appears,
What We most want to do
Is to say, in all sincerity,
Thank heaven for you two!


Steven, Jenifer, Alita and Ashton, Barkur, Ivan, Pramila, Maegan and Reuben , Mumbai, Shanthi, Milton and Sweedal Dias, Mumbai, Jayden, Ayden, Anola and Johnson Martis, Mumbai, Anitha, Austin and Dillon Almeida, Goa, Irene and Roshan Martis, Barkur

Also wishes from

Cyril and Rita Costa Hospet, Arun, Veena and Anush Costa Dubai, Shanthi, Lancy, Liesha and Aneesha Sequeira Siddakatte, Amitha Costa Abudhabi, Jessie Menezes,  Keith, Maria, Herbert Menezes, Barkur and  Ashish, Sujatha and Alwyn Andrade, Barkur, Alice Dais, Saritha and Naveen Dais Hanehalli, Mahima Josephine, Vishwas  Lloyd, Sushma and Praveen Carvalho and Agnes Carvalho, Barkur, Prajwal, Shreyal, Priyal, Patricia and Lancelot D'Almeida, Barkur, Giselle, Prinal  Premila and Joylan Fernandes, Mumbai, Eric Soans, Barkur, Michelle, Elvira and Jolvin Furtado, Mumbai, Siya, Ceolla, Shwetha and Cyprian Pinto, Barkur, Anirudh, Marina and Kishoo, Barkur , Relatives & Friends, Barkur and Mumbai 14/05/2012


Alwyn  and Gail
Son of Jacinta and John  D'Almeida (Angalli), Mumbai, Daughter Audrey and George Lobo, Mumbai
Married on Saturday, May 5, 2012 in the Church of St. Antony, Vakola, Santacruz, Mumbai and reception at Crystal Springs, Bandra West, Mumbai

A union of two dreams,
A union of two hopes,
May this union
be an everlasting one,
with each of you,
experiencing all the joys,
A  Husband & Wife can,
through a lifetime.

Blessings and wishes from Adrick,  Jacintha and John D'Almeida, Mumbai,  Florine Gonsalves,Barkur, Suzanne, Anson, Josephine and Alphonse Gonsalves, Mumbai, Jovita, Sydney, Sunny, Shiney, Staney and Gretta Lewis, Barkur, Viona, Veera and John Gonsalves, Mumbai,  Carol, Pearl, Zeeta and James Gonsalves, Barkur, Stalin, Shelton, Ophy and Simon Lobo, Muscat and Anirudh, Marina and Kishoo, Barkur 05/05/2012

Golden Wedding Anniversary

Elcy (teacher) and Austin D'Souza
Kachur, Barkur

The special joys of sharing life together...
May these be yours today and forever
For when two people believe that love's forever,
It shows in the life they've created together
Today as both of you look back With happiness and pride
Upon the (Fifty) cherished years
That you've spent side by side,
May every memory that you share
Of dreams you've seen come true,
Help make this special (Golden) day
A happy one for you!


Buckets of love and wishes on your 50th year of togetherness in married bliss from Denzil, Clara,Chrisselle and Jenelle D'Souza, Mumbai Noelyne, Hazlitt, Trevor, Terrel, and Trenton Lewis, Manipal, Bryan, Manisha and Neil D'Souza, Barkur  Indira, Suresh, Suraj and Sourav, Bangalore, Vijay, Estelle, Adriel and Shanaya D'Souza, Bangalore  relatives and friends, Barkur 01/05/2012.

Happy Birthday

Zita Gonsalves
Kalchapra, Barkur

May God bless you always ,Keep you in good health and happiness throughout of your life.

Sophia Gonsalves and fly, Arthur, Valerian, Julita and Fredrick Gonsalves, Francis Gonsalves and fly, Gregory Gonsalves and fly, Cynthia Cornello and fly, Isabella Moraes and fly, Elizabeth Dsa and fly, Grand Childrens: Edwin, Lidwin, Godwin, Priya, Sunil, Steffi, Sherwin, Sania, Jeff, Janis, Melwin, and Wendal. Great Grand child: new born baba, all Relatives and Friends. 01/05/2012

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