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‘Barkur-on-line Team’ always tries to show-case the best Barkurian ethos and cultural diversity, and every effort is made so is our wish to capture the entire spectrum of Barkur’s vibrant colors. One such effort in line is the below chronology of great events involving our Barkur, over the centuries, which is prepared based on the following records and books published from time to time.

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Little about our New Vicar of Barkur.

Little about our New Vicar of Barkur.

Since June 2017, we were planning to write few words of introduction, about our New Vicar of Barkur, Rev. Fr. Philip Neri Aranha, in our website. By now most of the parishioners are familiar to him, since he personally visited most of the households…..Moreover he paid visit to Bangalore too to be the Guest during the patron St. Peter’s feast held in July 2017.

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Memorial Souvenir
Pedruchi Chavi June 2016
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Best Wishes
75th Birthday Zita Gonsalves
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Agnes Carvalho
Born : 69 years
Passed away : 20.09.2016
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