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Barkur is about16kms. North of Udupi, Barkur was once the capital of the Alupa Rulers and a province of the Vijaynagar Empire. Remnants of the two forts built by these rulers are still visible. Amongst the many temples built over the years, are the Panchalingeshwara Temple (8th Century A.D.), Batte Vinayaka Temple (9th – 10th Century A.D.) and the Ganapathi Shrine of Moodukeri (13th – 14th Century A.D.)


The Sapphire Coast

The coastal district of Udupi, with its palm fringed coastline, dotted with bays and estuaries, sheltered by the soaring western Ghats, is studded with spots of great scenic beauty. Sarojini Naidu, India’s eminent poetess, as “Nandanavana”, “Garden of Pleasure”, has aptly described it. It as also renowned for its pilgrimage centers, as well as its literary traditions and rich cultural heritage.

The Alupa Kings ruled it, since the early period of the Christian era, till the end of the 14th century. From the 14th to the 16th centuries the area came under the governance of the Vijayanagar dynasty. But the strongest influence was that of the Portuguese, who arrived on the coast in the 15th Century. Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan held away until 1799 when the British forces defeated Tipu Sultan. The district is well known for its fabulous costumed, musical dance drama form, Yakshagana and Kambala – Buffalo Race, a sport popular among the community of cultivators of wetlands.


Located 60 kms. North of Mangalore, Udupi is one of the most sacred spots in India, visited by pilgrims from all over the country. The importance of the place dates from the time of Madhwacharya, the 13th century religious leader, who is said to have founded the temple and placed the image of Shri Krishna in it. Myth has it that the idol was obtained from a ship that was about to be wrecked on the coast, but rescued by the great saint. Madhwacharya lived and preached here and established eight mutts (monasteries) (They are – Palimaru, Puttige, Pejavar, Shiroor, Sodhe Vadhiraja, Admar, Kaniyoor, Krishnapura) in the area. According to legend, the idol of Shri Krishna is believed to have turned around to give darshan (divine vision) through a hole in the temple wall, “Kanakana Kindi”, to the poet-devotee Kanakadasa, who was not allowed to enter the temple. The Shri Krishna temple has an elaborate system of poojas that begin early in the morning and end late at night. The eight mutts take turn in administering the temple and the famous “Paryaya Festival” held once in two years in January, marks the handling over ritual. It is a colourful spectacle drawing thousands of pilgrims from far and wide.


Situated 4 kms. From Udupi is the temple of Janardhana, renovated in stone in 1571, with the 400 year old, attractive idol of Janardhana and Mahakali Temple with the five-foot wooden image of Kali.


Located 5 kms. Northwest of Udupi, Udyawara   was the seat of the rulers of Alupa from about the 8th century. The Palace and Fort area contain some of the earliest monuments of the district. The Bhairava Temple, built on a large rock, containing ten pillars is the main attraction. The Sthamba Kallu, stone pillars bearing inscriptions, date to the 7th century A.D.


Located 20 kms. North of Udupi, this has been religious and cultural centre for a long time. The temple of Yoga Narasihma is believed to be 1000 years old.


Located 25 kms. North of Udupi, is the Durga Parameshwari Temple, an ancient center for Shakti worship. Besides the stone icons of Mahishasuramardhini and Chamundeshwari, it has nine old masks, depicting the different manifestations of the goddess.

Makki Katte

Located 28 kms. North of Udupi in the village of Siriar, this place is supposed to be the site of penance, done by Rishi Jambukeshwara. It is also famous for “Brahmasthana”, with its wooden “Bootha” idols ranging from 2ft. to 20ft. The Bootha Spirits, often, family spirits, that guard the village and public health, are propitiated by ritual dances.


Located 80 kms. North of Udupi, The Mookambika Temple located at the foothills of the Kodachadri Hills, is one of the most important centers of Shakti worship in South India. Adi Shankaracharya is said to have consecrated the deity, Mookambika, slayer of the demon, Mookasura, on a Sri Chakra, which is installed in a copper roofed gold crested temple that is said to be 1000 years old.

Kodachadri Hills

These hills (4411 ft.) constitute one of the largest forest areas in Karnataka and part of this region is designated as the Mookambika Nature Reserve. Kollur is an ideal base to explore the hills. The Mookambika Nature Camp, a park 4 kms. South of Kollur, is a tranquil place, from where one can go on rambles into the forest by trekking for 4-5 hours.


The waterfall at the foot of the Kodachadri Hills, is a favourite with trekkers.

Belakal Teertha

This sacred pond attracts thousands of devotees for an annual holy dip. It is also favourite spot for trekkers.

Kudlu Teertha

About 50 kms. from Udupi, 15 kms. From Hebri, is the Kudlu Teertha where the river seetha cascades from a height of 150ft. This picturesque locale makes a fine picnic spot as well as trekkers delight.    

Jomlu Teertha

Situated 42 kms. from Udupi 10 kms. from Hebri. This cascade of Seetha river creates a beautiful picnic spot. 


9 kms. to the north of Kundapur, situated near the national highway is a fine beach.

Maravanthe Beach

About 12 kms. north of Kundapur and 15 kms. from Udupi, this is one of the most beautiful spots of the district. A drive along the west coast highway at sunset, bordered by the Arabian Sea on the west and the Sauparnika River to the east, with the Kodachadri Hills in the background, is an unforgettable experience.


About 8 kms. north-east of Kundapur, on the northen bank of the river Varahi, is Hattiangadi, with its ancient temples and basadis. The Lokanatha Temple dating to 9th century A.D. has smaller shrines including the famous Ganapathi Shrine.  


40 kms. north of Kundapur, 2 kms. from national highway, this is a scenic spot on the beach to view sunsets.

Pajaka (Kunjarugiri)

9 kms. south-east of Udupi, is the birthplace of the Dwaita philosopher-saint Madhwacharya. An image of his has been set up at the place where he was born, known as “Madhwa Matha”. Several spots nearby are associated with his miracles. Nearby is the temple of Goddess Durga Parameshwari, in Kunjarugiri, which was installed 2500 years ago.


12 kms. south of Udupi, Kaup has a lovely beach as well as an old 100 ft. lighthouse that is the guiding star for navigators. Mariyammana Gudi is famous in Udupi district.


26 kms. south of Udupi, Padubidri has a Mahalingeshwara Temple, a Mahaganapathi Temple and a Brahmasthana. A religious festival called “dakke bali” is held once in two years.


20 kms. east of Udupi, is an ancient centre, with the Sri Anantha Pabmanabha Temple. this area is well known for the Yakshagana dance drama form, which is here, also known as Perdur Mela.


32 kms. from Kundapur, Kamlashile is famous for its temple Durga Parameshwari. A car festival of the temple is held around the month of April.


30 kms. south-east of Udupi and 52 kms. north-east of Mangalore, is Karkala, an important Jain pilgrimage centre. The towering 42 ft. monolith of Gomateshwara, completed in 1432, is major attraction. The Chaturmukha Basadi, completed in 1586, has four identical entries from all sides, life size statues of three Teerthankaras and several smaller images. The Mahamastabhisheka held once in 12 years to Gomateshwara.


8 kms. from Karkala, is the St. Lawrence Church, built in 1845. People from all religions participate in the religious function held every year in January. The village has a fine temple of Mahalingeshwara with a copper plated garbhagriha (sanctum).


The Jodukere Kambala also known as the Lava Kusha Kambala (buffalo race) started in 1970 at Bajagoli in Karkala taluk, takes place on the first Sunday of February, every year, on the fields of Bettu Gadde, which are 140 meters and 15 meters wide. A modern gallery has been built for spectators.


7 kms. west of Udupi, at the mouth of Malpe river is the natural harbour of Malpe, and important fishing centre. Malpe has the Balarama temple as well as the oldest tile factory set up by Basel Mission.

St. Mary’s Island

Close to Malpe, this is said to be the site where Vasco Da Gama first landed in India, which he called “El Padron de Santa Maris”. The island is noted for its unique basalt rock formations and is a popular excursion for locals and day-trippers.


Located 5 kms. to the east of Udupi, Manipal is today an important, progressive educational and medical centre. The Academy of General Education, founded in 1942, runs the numerous educational institutions. Manipal has a modern temple dedicated to Venugopalkrishna, whose structure has features of a church and mosque.

End Point is a very popular picnic spot here.

The M.G.M. College here has an institute of Yakshagana, a musical dance drama form, with elaborate colourful costumes

Hasta Shilpa (Heritage Village)

A unique experience awaits the visitor at Manipal. An ingenious effort to recreate the majestic ambience of ancient wooden houses, the finest examples of woodcraft used to construct houses in the district. These houses are so well produced that one may not believe that they are old, old enough to be the fore runners of carving. Some of the houses are hundreds of years old and the visitor will not be able to forego his impulse to spend a day or two in these edifices.

Udupi District

Area                  :   3,575 Sq. kms

Location           :    Located between 13degree 05’ & 13degree 55’ North latitude &

                                 74degree 40’ & 75degree 07’ East longitude.

Population         :    11,09,494 (1991 Census)

Climate             :     March to May – Max. 34 degree cel Min. 29 degree cel.

                                 June to Aug - Max. 27 degree cel Min. 24 degree cel.

Airport               :    Nearest Airport is Mangalore (60 kms).

Rail                   :    The Konkan Railway connects Udupi with  towns on the Konkan coast.                                                                                                    

Road                  :    Regular bus services are available to Udupi         

                                   from Mangalore and   other towns and  cities in Karnakata

We are thankful to The Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. for giving this information in bringing this script.If any mistakes in this you are mostly welcome to suggest. 



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