Inscriptions - Political background of South Canara

Posted/Pic by: Divya Furtado, Barkur
Place: Barkur Posted Date : 16/09/2012

Historical  Tulunadu  comprised the District of South Kanara (un divided) and parts of North Kanara. The name Tulunadu was in vougue from the early  centuries of the  Christian  era right upto the close of Keladi rule. The  most interesting  aspect  is the fact that the Tulu language is confirmed  today only to the  region  south of the river Kalyanapura upto Kasargodu.

Barakuru, the historic  city of  Tulunadu for centuries, knows nothing of  the Tulu language even though it  is  just five miles to the north of the  river Kalyanapura.

The Alupa dynasty, as revealed through  records, starts only from the 7thcentury. In the 8th century they fixed Udayapura (Udyavara) as the center of their political activity,  then  Barakuru  drew  their  attention  and  perhaps from the 11th - 12th centuries,  Mangalapura  became  the capital  and it continued to occupy that position until the end of their political  power. Although the Alupas were  subordinate  to the  overlordship of the  Karnataka suzerains,  for all political  purposes and  intents, they were indipendent and there seemed hardly any interference in the administation  of the territory until  the  advent of Vijayanagara rule. Nearly 35 kings  ruled in the Alupa dynasty.

During  Vijayanagara  period  81  Governers  ruled  Barkur  province from  1353 A.D. to 1587 A.D.

During  Vijayanagara  times,  the district of South Kanara seemed to have  been permanently associated with the name Tulu-rajya.

There  were  10  keris in  Barakuru  and each keri seemed to have had the habitation  of  a  particular  group  of  people, as the name suggest. An   important  feature  of  the  towm  was  the construction of tanks in each   keries.



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