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Hoysala Inscriptions

For the first  time South Kanara was directly  ruled by  Hoysala.Ballala III of  Hoysala dynasty attacked upon Alupas in 1333 A.D.The battle ended with matrimonial alliance. Alupa ruler Soyidevagave the  Alupa  queen  Chikkayi Tayi in marriage to Ballala III and Chikkayi Tayi ruled over Tuluva country from Barakuru as hercapital. Thus Hoysala rule started in this region.

When Vijayanagar empire was established in Karnataka in 1336 A.D
Barakuru was ruled by  Chikkayi Thayi. This was mentioned in the inscription which is  found in the Someshwara Temple of Mudukeri. This is dated 1336 A.D., April 13th. There is also mention about the donation given by  Sovanna and  Bakanna to the God Somanatha Deva in the form of  cultivating  land.  Here the word "Mude" is mentioned as a mesure of seeds.

Inscriptions of Vijayanagara are lengthier than the inscriptions of Hoysalas.  Normally the inscriptions of Vijayanagara includes prayer, title, date, name of the ruler, purpose etc. Totally the detail of life style or the society of that particular period is explained.
Inscriptions found in Barakuru during Vijayanagara period are as follows:
1. Inscription of Devaraya II (A.D. 1430)
In 1430 A.D. Chandahasa Odeya was governing Barakuru rajya at the instance of  Vijayanagara  ruler  Devaraya II.  This  inscription describes a serious difference between the inhabitants of Chaulikeri and Mudukeri which were two adjacent keris in the capital city of Barakuru. A compromise affected by the governer Chandahasa Odeya.
2. Inscription of Devaraya II (A.D. 1434)
This inscription is found on a pillar in front of Pnchalingeshwara Temple in Kannada language and script.  This  inscription mentions Perumala Dandanayaka and it appears from  this  epigraph  that  he occupied a very prominent position in administration in Vijayanagara. The  Governer  of  Barakuru  Chandahasa  vodeya  is  mentioned  as Mahapradhana. This inscription was engraved by "kallukuttiga annappa".
3. Inscription of Sadashivaraya (A.D. 1564)
This inscription informs Sadashivaraya gave the responsibility  of Barakuru administration to the Keladi Sadashivanayak.
4. Inscription of Bukkaraya II (A.D.1405,june 27)
Bukkaraya II was the brother of Veerupaksha and he ruled for  only short period. The inscription is found in Chaulikeri of  Barakuru.
5.Inscription of Harihara II found in Ganapathi temple of Chaulikeri is dated 1302 A.D., July 29th. The subject matter of this inscription is as follows :  Karnika  Singanna  built a  matha  near  Ganapathi Temple of Chaulikeri. This inscription is also  useful to  identify Narasimha Temple in Chaulikeri.



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