Barkur Bandh

The bandh called by the supporters of MLA Halady Srinivas Shetty on Friday July 13 to protest against the BJP for denying him cabinet berth, had its effect in Barkur

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St. Peters Association (Barkur) Mumbai

We have mentioned on many an occasions, that there are more Barkurians in Mumbai than in Barkur, it’s a fact. As long back as in 1984, when few of us were about to formalize, the start of an Association, conducted a survey and it was confirmed by the statistics then, hold good even today. It’s almost a generation now, and the total number of Barkurian families settled in Mumbai must be doubled. Two events organized by SPA, viz, patrons feast in June and the public entertainment function generally held during November – Divali holidays, practically every year, are more than any formal Get-togethers, for us.

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The Emirates Barkurians

The latest development is the formation of similar platform in UAE – under the banner ‘Emirates Barkurians’……Thanks to the visit of Bishop Henry D’Souza the event encouraged Barkurians in UAE to come together………!
Many hands and minds must have put in their efforts, as the photo–albums making rounds in the various social web-sites substantiate its claims of great success.

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Feast at native town Barkur

Being the new parish priest, Rev. Fr. Valerian Mendonca at the helm, the parish celebrated Feast on, 29th June with the grand Mass celebrated by Fr. Tony Andrade. It was a rainy Friday, children busy at their Schools, Church was full to its capacity with elders and guests, at 9.30 a.m. There were about 20 priests of the varado and native Barkur.

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Emirates Barkurians to celebrate Patron's Feast in Dubai

Emirates Barkurians, the newly found group of Barkurians residing at UAE is proud to invite you to the first ever official get together to celebrate the feast of St.Peter, the patron saint of Barkur on 29th June 2012. President Herbert Joseph Menezes and other office bearers  are cordially invite all Barkurians in UAE to join this celebration at the residence of Mr. Naveen Sequiera on 29th June from 11 am to 3 pm at Al Ghusais 4, (After Grand Hotel 3rd Signal Left Hand Side Twin Blue Building).

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SPA to celebrate Patron's feast in Mumbai

St. Peter's Association (Barkur) Mumbai (SPA) is all geared up to celebrate St.Peter's feast on 1st July 2012. The much awaited annual event of the association, Patron's feast as its known will be held at Chakala, Andheri.

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Choulikeri -Cleanup and renovation

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Barkur Habba 2012 Video

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Electrical Point Moves to New Premises on Kadri Road

"Due to the increasing response, we had to shift our showroom to a bigger location in order to provide better facilities to our clients," said Vinod Sequeira, Barkur, proprietor, Electrical Point, during the inaugural of the newly-built showroom at Bunts Hostel in the city on Saturday May 19.

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"Emirates Barkurians" formed in Dubai

It was long cherished dream for Barkurians residing at United Arab Emirates to gather and come under one umbrella. Though Barkurians have resided and thrived in the Emirates for more than half a century, it is the first time they came together in the name of the place and decided to form a formal association, thanks  to  His Excellency Bishop Henry D’ Souza of Bellari, who expressed a wish to meet Barkurians residing at the Emirates on his visit to Dubai. Barkur Parish is close to his heart as it is the only Parish the young Fr.Henry served some 37 years ago as an Assistant Parish Priest soon after his ordination as a priest. He won the hearts of Barkur Parishioners then within a span of two years and etched a permanent place there. The affection is reciprocal, he still remembers those parishioners by name and the Barkurgaars just love Fr.Henry.

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