Mr Herald D'Souza

Posted by: P Archibald Furtado Posted Date : 21/09/2012

A man born to make plans, events and programmes possible otherwise everyone thought impossible –

Mr. Herald D’Souza

The familiar name so synonymous with the history of Barkur town, especially youth activities, the Barkur Church and its surroundings, for the last quarter of a century, and still going strong, while occupying the prestigious Vice President’s office of the Parish Council – is matured and radiant Mr. Herald D’souza.



Mr. Herald D’Souza



Talents, will to work for the community, excellent communication skills, good educational background, a rewarding career in Banking, guidance of elders especially his socially concerned parents, a worthy and supportive life partner in Sheila, all ingredients built-in in a towering tall personality….. might be the sum total of assets in this great gentleman of our time, catapulted to be a man in need to all and sundries.


Born on 1st March 1958, as a third child of God-fearing family of Mr. Baptist D’Souza and Late Annie D’Souza, of Nagermutt, like father like son, Harry was a pet child not only for the family but in the locality. Their strategically located house used to be a place to come together all children and play in the evenings during School days. Once he decided to go to Bangalore for his PUC and B.Sc. studies, the then elite circle was under gloom for some time. The wait was almost 10 years i.e. 1975 – 85, and Harry was back with a bang, to play his second innings as an employee of just started Corporation Bank Heardi – Barkur branch, at Kalchapra.


Harry is a perfect example who grows with time and opportunity. A cheerful, reserved but very humble and helpful by nature, he endeared himself to all customers once he started his career in banking service. Big chunk of Catholics otherwise not familiar, even not bothered to have a Bank Account were persuaded and educated to avail the facilities.


What followed was history.  Then onwards erstwhile ‘CYM of Barkur and Herald D’Souza’ are the two faces of a same coin. In other words, there is an active involvement, influence, impact and contribution of Harry in all that ICYM has done / doing for the last 20 long years.


What an average man thought not possible Harry has shown it is possible and successful:


v      Three Days Decennial Celebrations of CYM on 13th 14th and 15th December 1987 on grand scales as the units President.

v      Served as Secretary of Parish Council for a record three terms – youngest to occupy this position in our Church.

v      His representation on behalf of Barkur Parish during the inauguration of St.Peter’s Association Barkur – Mumbai on 17th April 1988 ushered a new beginning of a special bond with Barkur and Mumbai-Barkurians.

v      Leading the ICYM of Mangalore Diocese as the President of the Central Council.

v      Conducting Diocesan Youth Rally at SMS College, Brahmmavar – probably first ever to have in Northern part of the Mangalore Diocese in a semi –urban locality.

v      14th May, 1991, his wedding ceremony a landmark – none other than the HE the Bishop of Mangalore solemnized the marital vows at the glittering St. Peter’s Church.

v      Organizing Student Congress commemorating The Nehru Centenary Celebrations at Church grounds a gathering of some 7000 students.

v      At the helm of Mary knoll Higher Primary School while celebrating Platinum Jubilee and renovation of School premises etc.

v      Harry’s typical concern for the beautification and face-lift during the ‘75th Year completion of the Church building’ well appreciated by all.

v      As one of the animators of ICYM Barkur – he guides the youngsters in various ways and means thereby earned a coveted recognition in the Diocese and Varado.

v      ICYM Barkur - Silver Jubilee 1976 – 2003 – yet another three day celebration in Dec.2003 as its animator and Chairman of the celebrations committee.

v      At present holding the post of Vice President – Parish Council St. Peter’s Church Barkur, since May 2007.


Surely if we utilize this space to narrate the success stories of above great events, I doubt it needs pages together and ultimately end-up ‘still there to add’. On the contrary, various Souvenirs, CDs and Cassettes, Pedruchi Chavi the parish news bulletin, Amcho Yuvak Diocesan youth news magazine, various reports appeared and published in news papers / periodicals both in Kannada and Konkani, Corporation Bank archives etc. etc….. are the witnesses to substantiate what we stated above.


The humane face of the gentleman:


What impress us a lot is his simplicity and ready accessibility. Back home, nothing that attractive to youngsters to stay at natives and make it a permanent dwelling, with very few exceptions, and under these unfavorable situations, Harry opted to be a local hero, a social worker as well. The role of Harry to make our every visit to Barkur memorable and for most of us he is a must meet personality, to keep ourselves updated. One peculiar character in Harry is to honor without envy all his friends and contemporaries who prospered.


A family man but has time for everyone and every occasion:



Married to Shaila, yes charm strikes the sight, but surely merit won the soul - a talented lady with melodious voice on 14th May, 1991, Harry is blessed with 2 pretty daughters, viz. Harshita and Shobitha, and lives in Nagermutt at their ancestral location in a recently built new house, with his father Mr. Baptist D’Souza. His presence and support to every small and big activity at the ward, always herald in advance, the success of that function.


Special contribution as a resident reporter for Barkur-on-line website:


We at Barkur-on-line always remain indebted to Herald as it is he who collected and sent various news items at the beginning years.  Lot of pre-occupations and personal commitments forced him to stay away and pave way for others to come forward in later years. Even now the web-site calls back his contribution and thank him whole heartedly.


Some expectations as the Vice President of the Parish Council:


Once I got an opportunity to speak in public, foretold, in Barkur the future belong to Ex-ICYM Members and the much needed leadership is extracted by the Church, from this source, as earlier it was the turn of Gerald Gonsalves and now it is Herald D’Souza. The Church got a much needed Auditorium, in Sauhardha, on 29/06/07. Couple of things to be given special attention – long pending  ring road via Kachhur fields, link to Hosala – Nagermutt, improvement of sub-station at Heradi / Dharmasale, an English Medium School…. Yes the list grow just like that, but we have confidence that Harry is like a flowing water, before leaving the apex office in the Church will leave a mark and great works to be remembered by generations to come.


As a Toast Master, M.C. Harry made various private celebrations memorable one.


Among various hobbies, over the years Harry has developed and cultivated the art, to be a finest public speaker, a balanced master of ceremony and an organizer un parallel. If one doesn’t change to the times, we won’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living, isn’t friends? There is big difference in Harry of yesterday and today.


Active involvement with non-Christian organizations and communities.


Today’s world is bit cynic, rather just doing good things for ourselves not enough it must made known to others. Complimenting each other and sister organizations in the locality is a welcome move at Barkur, initiated by Harry in recent years. Secular thinking people of the town and leading personalities of non Christian communities are not only invited but recognized and thereby given the town a real cosmopolitan look.




Harry is probably having every reason to celebrate his 50th Birthday somewhere next year or so, and all of us have every reason to be apart of all pomp and splendor, as his is a worthy and wonderful living useful to the society. Today, his popularity at its peak, leadership is superb, got promoted to be an Officer in Bank, a contended life with family members, surely have still larger roles to play. We must not be wrong; sooner or later he will plunge into political sphere, where normally Catholics are allergic… and earn a reputed name and fame, and let Almighty work wonders through him, that is our wish!


‘Barkur-on-line Team’ is feeling proud to honor Herald D’Souza as ‘Personality of the Month’, in recognition of his great works in the locality, and wish him and his family, good health and prosperity in coming days and years.


On behalf of Barkur-on-line Team & ICYM Barkur Ex-Members Association,


P.Archibald Furtado, Muscat – 31 August 2007.




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