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Posted by: P Archibald Furtado Posted Date : 21/09/2012

It is with high respects we introduce Ivan Melvyn Rebello, a man always remained in limelight for the last three decades,  being at the top of SPA leadership, a very popular face, not only in Barkurian - Mubaikars, but also at native Barkur, and still going strong, …. with no controversy, complaints dithered him even a little……. a rare success story in itself……as ‘Personality of the Month’  in these colorful pages.





May it be ‘Alter servers sodality’ of School / High School Days, CYM of College days, professional life in Mumbai in famous Naval Dockyard, SPCYA days of 1983 – 1988, or on going SPA days since its very inception on 17-04-1988, its Ivan who earned a name, respect and goodwill unmatched to any of his contemporaries. A life so blessed to be lived in the service of Barkurians.


Normally I avoid, rather hesitate to write on people and friends very close to my heart, unless otherwise inevitable, because their influence, involvement and encouragement cross the limits to restrict them to a page or two! However, now feel, we at ‘Barkur-on-line’ miss a major link, rather pillar of our time and town, if our readers not appraised of the contribution of people of Ivan Rebello’s caliber, capacity and credentials.



Born on 2nd March, 1962, at Hosala Barkur, as the eldest son of Late Valerian Rebello and Theresa Rebello, (the well known teacher at Uddala gudde National Hr. Primary School, Barkur), had his primary education at Mary knoll Higher Primary School, Hosala Barkur. It was in National Junior College Barkur; Ivan had his High school and PUC studies. He was the SPL of NJC – in 1978 – 79, a rare feat for a Catholic.


We were fortunate to have Rev. Fr. Patrick Rodrigues as our Assistant parish priest during this time, and have noticed a huge impact of this mentor on Ivan, as he was grown with age and maturity. As he moved to Milagres College, Kallianpur, to complete B.Com. 1979 – 1982, from the University of Mysore, his great talent as a non controversial, all get along, and a special feature of his leadership – doing himself first, than getting done….being the President of then famous CYM of Barkur, for two consecutive years – i.e. – 1980-81 – 82, is an era marked by great activities, achievement, recognition, both for him and Association………..!


Nevertheless, I have that privilege to be Secretary of the CYM, for the same two years period, with Ivan, at the helm, always consider a time we rejoiced, worked and learned a lot, an experience, treasure for life time……..Honesty, compassion and integrity, the hall mark of the man, I hardly found in very few…….not uttered a word can hurt others……never exercised his authority over the sub ordinates……yathaha raja, tathaha praja, where the President so humble, and the time marked by all the  members were more than willing to do, sacrifice anything and everything for the movement…..as a result the period gone down to history as the ‘Golden Era of CYM Barkur’ (Source ICYM Silver Jubilee Souvenir – 2002). Morals, manners, knowledge, values requisite for a youth leader he must have inherited from his parents, especially his mother.


Alas, Ivan and his lone younger sister Ivy lost their Dad at an early age as Ivan at his 20’s on his final year of B.Com. in 1982, a phase troubled his mind and heart so much, but Theresa Teacher molded her children to be ideal, model and took the responsibility on her shoulders.


Journey to Mumbai in search of a Career:


Holding a College degree in hand, Ivan moved to Bombay with a heavy heart and stayed with relatives at Marine drive area. One of very few not seen the trials and tribulations to fetch a suitable job, in cities like Bombay, Ivan Rebello was fortunate to be absorbed as a preferential employee of ‘Naval Dockyard Stores’ because his Dad worked here and breathed his last during the service tenure.


Since then he never seen back, now an Officers rank, Ivan is a well known personality participating and representing various forums at National and Inter national levels, such as Naval wing Quality Circle etc.


Mission unification of Barkurian youth talents in Mumbai:


As we have mentioned in our previous write-ups, Ivan was one of the pioneers who worked honestly towards the unification of youngsters in 1983 and its Ivan and like minded people’s effort that, they were come together to form St. Peter’s Catholic Youth Association Barkur – Mumbai in 1985.  It’s worth a mention, it was Ivan M. Rebello who was chosen chairman to the core group to foresee and make a feasibility report to go-ahead with the formation of this Association. He was rightly rewarded with the post of Treasurer in the first Executive Council and thereafter its Vice President……..A major share of success of SPCYA goes to Ivan at the testing time and his involvement from day one, in the unification movement of Barkurian’s under one umbrella, later catapulted him to the revered position of a General Secretary of St. Peter’s Association (SPA) today, a post he held for a record period!!.


As the Gen Secretary of SPA Barkur – Mumbai:


Today, Ivan and his family are totally dedicated for Barkurian welfare – List of his achievements impossible for us to furnish. What we noticed especially in Ivan is – he is non controversial man, respected by one and all. His heart always beat for the welfare of Mary knoll School, being a frequent visitor to natives, he sees to it,  he allocate an hour to meet the Head Mistress of the School to update on needs and requirements. Under his initiatives SPA provides uniforms, stationery and an English teacher’s salary for the last many years. He is also instrumental to bear the cost of construction a Class room in RSM National Govt. First Grade College  Barkur.


For the last 20 years SPA staged lot many mega entertainment events at Mumbai – any one in social circle realize the work load to organize such events being its secretary. – Wilfy Nites, Mhataro Chorbella, Victor Nite, Mand Sobhan, Henry Nite, Konn Jikta?, Johnny Liver Nite at famous Shanmuka nanda Hall, yearly get together of Barkurians for Patron’s Feast…….each and every event, class on its own speak for themselves of one important man behind its spectacular success……..! I will not elaborate; one can refer SPA pages for further details…..


A Silent revolutionary – and a special concern for Barkur – a great man in small things:


As a person Ivan is a man behind the Screens. His involvement, in any event, celebration or project will be felt only by those closely watch him. Master-mind to motivate elders to sponsor Parish Feast of Barkur in 2008, to commemorate two decades of SPA, with all pomp and splendor, to construct and dedicate a Khutira at Barkur Railway Station, taking keen interest to come to the rescue of Pedruchi Chavi by sponsoring two great issues, keeping constant touch with ex-members, organizing events to involve families of SPA members are definitely just few of Ivan’s way of building a closely knitted Barkurian Families at Barkur and Mumbai. We know for sure, Ivan is very slow to promise something, unlike many of us he is very quick to perform!


Recognition, Honors and Appreciation:



During the school / College days, Ivan was an ace sportsman of repute. Of course his showcase must be decorated with many trophies and medals. In recognition of Ivan and his family’s manifold contributions they were deservedly honored in public during ICYM Silver Jubilee Celebrations at Barkur, in Dec 2002. Ivan also served as Treasurer of Federation of Konkani Associations in Mumbai for two years. As a true coral hardly needs a painter’s brush, Ivan’s involvement in such platforms as its office bearer, enough to explain the rest….!


Further, he had been featured in Parish magazine Pedruchi Chavi as ‘Personality of the Issue’, in June 2005. And today, Team Barkur-on-line feels very proud to salute him and honor him as ‘Personality of the Month’, for his contributions, services and concern for Barkur, in a very special way.


As special Executive Officer of Maharastra State:


When the news of Maharastra State Government flashed in the media to appoint Ivan M Rebello as Special Executive Officer in 2008, for a period of 5 years, I was taken aback. But for those who has seen his social services in the Vasai locality it was not a surprise. To the best of my understanding Ivan must be the first one to get such recognition, that too at this young age.   


In short about Family:



Settled in Vasai Road, in the Western sub-urban, once SPA hostel situated, Ivan is purely a family man. Married to Nirmala Sequeira of Matpady, a teacher by profession, a talent of recognition of CYM Barkur, of 80’s a perfect life partner. The advantage, being equally attracted to social work and well being of less privileged, she must be a source of inspiration and support. The couple blessed with two lovely children – daughter Anvil and son Oswin, both worthy children of worthy parents


ICYM Barkur Ex-Members Association:


It is said history repeats itself. An incident that taken place at the Get together held at Mary knoll High School to elect Ivan M. Rebello as the first President of ICYM Barkur Ex-Members Association in Dec 2002. He holds that coveted position till now.


Yes the platform not organized any big events, as mentioned in the charter it’s an active – passive mechanism if need be. It’s worth a note – to revive and perpetuate the publication of Parish Bulletin Pedruchi Chavi – 4 times a year, a plan was made to make 200 – 300 Members or subscribers collecting Rs.1000/- each and the pooled amount to be kept as a fixed deposit, to earn a interest to support the magazine, to take care of a part of its cost and regularize it.


Secondly, he is of the opinion to have a reading room facility to the youngsters in the newly built Community Hall. Ivan always oversees the progress of ICYM local unit and contributions / donations are flowing in his personal capacity and SPA.


Yet another novel plan Ivan is having in his mind is to look for plot for future generation nearby Barkur, and we are confident all of his honest dreams be realized in days / years to come, as we are sure, a good deed is never lost! 



‘The winner stands alone on the victory stand’ – today Ivan lone one associated with Barkurian youth re-union, its continuation, expansion as well, for so long in Mumbai since the day one he landed over here in 1982. – You may call it SPCYA or giant SPA he has the unique distinction of being part of that ‘inner circle’, an experience of being very special or the chosen one for the last 27 great years!! Surely Ivan, I personally take pride in your possession, being a classmate, friend and a fellow Barkurian, though a little man, like us, but you harbors a great soul in you!!!.


On behalf of Barkur-on-line Team & ICYM Barkur Ex-Members Association,


P. Archibald Furtado, Muscat – 18/09/2009.




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