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Posted by: P.Archibald Furtado Posted Date : 21/09/2012

'The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your potential….. These are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence” – Eddie Robinson.

These were days of erstwhile CYM of 1977 when I was studying in SSLC at NJC Barkur, just an year or two old movement, used to organize thus far unknown events to Barkurians, like Children’s Day, Youth Day, Elder’s Day, Catechism Day etc. – and among others one important hand behind the success - undoubtedly the most talented Secretaries the Association proud to have, is tall and handsome Louis D’Costa. Yes the face of this Youngman might have faded away from the memories of present generation, while me talking about 30 long years back story! A generation is gone by… and it is his son Lloyd’s turn now, to be in the limelight in platforms such as CYM, who is studying at Milagres College, Kallianpur – first year B.Com.

Frankly speaking me too is one fascinated by Louis workmanship as Secretary from whom  many learned a lot, so as me and motivated to be one - (surely not able to master the art from this mentor) is this Louis D’Costa.


Louis D'Costa



Thereafter in Bombay, in early ‘84 – 85 few of us nicknamed him as Dr. Ambedkar of SPCYA, who drafted the very ‘articles of association’, was the first ‘Co-ordinator’ of the Association. We can very well re-collect those pleasant days while we giving shape and final touches to the unit, while sipping special coffee at the ultra modern office of ‘Fulford India’ located  near Gate way of India, during late evening hours, where he was serving. Though he had to attend ICWA classes, after the days work and travel all the way to distant Naigaon, was very accommodative to guide and to be with us in all possible ways.


In all measurements he would have been one at the top of the Executive Council, when SPCYA installed, in private explained his inability, rather priority over better aspirations, to continue his studies – this signifies  the difference between matured minds….


A visionary for self and fellow brethren:


At times feel, we made a bad choice of unusual  involvement in such social activities, at the cost of our prospects, I mean, than to concentrate, to add-up qualifications to yield better remunerative career for ourselves. Good number of times Louis advised many of us  to go for further studies and promised to help even…..he had the knowledge, and expected others light their candles with it… among few men who saw his friends and juniors with his own eyes and felt with his own heart.  He used to tell, first you dream it, then you can do it. Alas, now it is a matter of repenting in leisure, for not listening to this great man’s advice!


Great minds have purposes, little minds have only wishes, Louis never compromised with his vision and purpose – a simple commerce graduate of Mysore University, to land in Bombay, with sheer determination, dedication to the goal and hard work, later decorated with ICWA (Indian Cost and Works Accountant) to his credit, and one of the highest and well recognized post graduation management degrees - MFM (Masters in Financial Management) from prestigious University of Bombay. For Louis, a clear vision, backed by definite plans, given him tremendous feeling confidence and personal power, to reach to the height of personal success.


Short, but hectic romantic days at CYM Barkur as an organizer:


While perusing his College studies, Louis  was stationed mainly at his grandparents place at Hanglur, Pius Nager, though had his early Schooling and High School at Barkur and but graduation at Bhandarkar’s College, Kundapur. I don’t know how and when, but one among many attracted by the magnetic personality of Rev. Fr. Henry D’Souza, then the Assistant parish priest of St. Peter’s Church Barkur, mostly convinced Louis to join the CYM of Barkur, and this made him to shuttle between Kundapur – Barkur every week, at times every day. During those days, a number of social events were organized and entertaining plays were presented, of course many titles I fail to re-collect now – one  Di Maka Bhoghsane where his was one effective role. Of course he was fortunate to be surrounded by artists like, Lawrie, Joseph D’Souza, Ronnie, Sylvan, Arun Dias, Alwyn D’Souza…………and female actresses of great caliber like Vera Monthiro, Shanthi Sequeira…….. and so on. Co-acting was a new concept and the guts of the then CYM top brass worth re-calling, with the way they tide over some local non acceptance. He was there in the unit just over a year or two, but earned a permanent name for self, as one better planner and organizer.


Journey to Bombay in search of a career un parallel:


Once Louis obtained his B.Com Degree from University of Mysore, in the year 1979, his next destination was Bombay…. Started a career as an Accounts Assistant, at Otis Elevator Company then moved to Merck Sharp & dome of India Ltd. The real break through for Louis is M/s Fulford (India) where he gave his best 8 years – 1980 – 1988, as Supervisor – Cost Accounting. Here he was fortunate to have good supporter’s to encourage him to go for higher studies, and completed the tough AICWA course in 1987 and MFM from prestigious N.M. Institute of Management Studies, affiliated to Bombay University.


Thereafter it was Lupin Laboratories turn to extract best in Louis as their Executive MIS & Budgets till June 1990.


Just a few words about family and personal life:



Born in Nagermutt, Barkur, on 24th June 1957, as a proud son of Alex and Cecilia D’Costa, Hanehalli, had his early schooling at Maryknoll Hr. Primary School and thereafter National Junior College Barkur. He married to Freda Vaz, a lady with charming beauty and rich talents rightly an ideal life partner, hailing from Mudahadu Kudru, of the same Barkur parish in 1986. This is the first and the best known ‘CYM Couple’, as both of them were the visible faces of youth of Barkur, during their respective heydays – 1976 – 1983. Now they are blessed with two children viz. Lloyd eldest son studying in Milagres College Kallianpur and pretty daughter Lorraine in her 2nd Standard in Don Bosco Kuwait, with parents.


Professional career in Gulf countries:


Louis at last decided to try his luck in Gulf in June 1990, when he was offered Chief Accountant’s position in M/s. Abdullah Ahmed Nass group of Companies, Bahrain and offered dedicated seven years till July 1997. An ambitious man always looks for opportunities and Louis was offered Finance Manager’s position by M/s. Al Ghanim & Nass WLL though it was subsidiary of his previous organization. Hence Louis served for full 12 years term i.e. up to March 2002, in the same group in top rank.


Today, Louis is ‘Manager – Finance and Commercial’ in a well known multinational Company – M/s. Kuwait Catalyst Company which is an affiliate of Japan Energy Corporation, Japan, engaged in hi-tech catalyst products for crude oil refineries in the Gulf region. One can notice his loyalty to the organization – once he chooses an organization he has given fairly longer period of service….


Louis is one such person we always respect for his high values in life, hard work and commitment to the task. Attractive tall built, highly dignified in dealings; always respect the juniors and seniors with no discrimination.  Very compassionate and equally concerned of fellow brethren welfare is a team leader and expert to extract best in teammates, rose above expectations, today reigns in top executive positions in best known multinational undertakings in Gulf countries.


The Barkur-on-line team takes this opportunity to wish Louis & Freeda and their family, best of health, peace of mind and all the very best in future undertakings.


On behalf of Barkur-on-line Team & ICYM Barkur Ex-Member’s Association     


P. Archibald Furtado, Muscat,7th January, 2011.




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