Little about our New Vicar of Barkur.

Posted by: P. Archibald Furtado Posted Date : 07/11/2018

Since June 2017, we were planning to write few words of introduction, about our New Vicar of Barkur, Rev. Fr. Philip Neri Aranha, in our website. By now most of the parishioners are familiar to him, since he personally visited most of the households…..Moreover he paid visit to Bangalore too to be the Guest during the patron St. Peter’s feast held in July 2017.

My acquaintance with Rev Father goes back to seven years or so, while he was serving as Parish Priest of Mount Rosary Church, Santhekatte – Kallianpur. All credit goes to him, as he conceived, constructed, much needed, the present new Church in 2015. It’s a solid and very spacious church structure, with modern facilities, first one of its rare kind, in the new Udupi Diocese. Also it must be one of the largest at the moment, in the Diocese. This is modern, an architectural masterpiece, centre of attraction, now-a-days full of life…..and activities……….! One just cannot imagine, not long ago, difficulties with a very small and congested church building vis-a-vis the importance of this location…….. and today for the comfort and convenience, preferred location for many Diocesan, District level, varado level seminars, conferences, get together and rallies… are held over here…..Thanks to Rev Fr. Philip Neri Aranha…….!!

Once it was confirmed that, next assignment for such an active, talented builder and young priest is our Barkur, few like us astonished at the appointment…….Almighty’s plans may be different…..! Mostly, he has been selected to materialise the impossible, in our Barkur…….A holy place, having more than three centuries old Catholic habitation at this historical Barkur, demand, rather it’s a request of less privileged lot, to have an English Medium School, visualise and promote a Co-operative Housing Society, and most importantly renovate, repair and maintain the Century old Church Building…..!


Brief background:
He was the 3 rd child of Late George and Theresa Aranha from Pangla, Shankarapura, who were blessed with 3 daughters and a son. Born on the Feast of St Philip Neri, on 26 th May, 1967, had his early education in native, St John the Evangelist School, Shankerapura and PUC from SVS College, Katpady. He has done his graduation from St. Mary’s First Grade College, Shirva. Joined St Joseph’s Seminary Mangalore in June, 1990 and ordained Priest on 20 th April, 1998, at the age of 31.

Fr. Philip Neri is bestowed with great talents, over and above he is a good organiser, a motivator, mobilizer of resources and a person with passion to execute what he conceived….He has proved it wherever he served and Barker offer him plenty of such opportunities…..


For the last 19 years Fr. Philip Neri Aranha, served the following Parishes:
1998 – 2000 – Holy Cross Church, Kulshekar as Asst. Parish Priest
2000 -2001 – Milagres Church, Kallianpur as Asst. Parish Priest
2001 – 2003 – St Sebastian Church, Permannur Asst. Parish Priest
2003 – 2010 – Parish Priest – St. Anthony Church, Padukone.
2010 – 2017 – Mount Rosary Church, Santhekatte - Kallianpur.
2017 May onwards Parish Priest of St. Peter Church, Barkur.


Youngest Parish priest of Barkur:
Rev. Fr. Philip Neri is one of the youngest Priests to be appointed as Parish Priest of Barkur in recent times, as he just celebrated his 51st Birthday, on 26 th May, 2018....... Way back in 1950, Rev.Fr.Charles P. Nazareth was the youthful priest at his 45, and not to forget, Fr Alban D’Souza was at Barkur for just one year, in 2011, was just 44, and Asst. Vicar, then in 1980, late Rev. Fr. Patrick Rodrigues, at just, 29, was interim Parish Priest for a short period.

It was said; wherever Fr. Philip Neri goes he builds a New Church, as he has done it in his earlier tenures both at Padukone and Mount Rosary. We feel, Barkur hardly need a new Church at the moment, as the present Gothic style structure strong enough to be there for another 50 years. It’s
spacious enough, to accommodate......Of course some maintenance / refurbishing may be looked into, and the opportune time just now than ever before, and he took the initiative and the work is progressing…………...Whenever I get a chance to talk to him really startled to see his confidence level, enthusiasm and faith in the benevolence of Patron St. Peter in particular and the Barkurians in general……! Yes father, Barkurians will never disappoint you….! They will stand as a rock to support the pastors who dedicate his head, heart and hands in the service and welfare of their beloved Church….


General expectations:
Rev. Fr. Valerian Mendonca and his predecessors provided all basic requirements at Barkur, to be self sufficient. There is always room for improvement and progress, we think, among other things; he will work towards the improvement of Maryknoll Higher Primary School, to promote it to be an English due course of time..... Church plot at Heradi or Dharmashale may have a chapel.....! Fr. Alfred Roche family offered to donate Half an Acre (About 50 Cents) of land in Moodahadu Kudru, close to his birthplace…..A life size statue will be erected there…Lot of
developments are on the move to elevate him as Saint very soon….Roof top of the Parochial house will be converted into a Museum to preserve the relics of this Holy Son of Barkurian soil…….

Rev. Fr. Joswyn Praveen D’Souza, serving in Belman (Ordained priest on 05.04.2016, originally from Kollangana) as assistant priest, was here for an year to assist him, till May 2018, and now Vicar looking after the parish all alone, as the youth and children looking for special attention and care in days to come.........

We the Barkurians thank Almighty Lord for having best priests to serve us, we all remain grateful to all of them......Let them enjoy peace of mind and good health wherever they are......This parish is only of its stature to have well knitted organisations in Mumbai, Bangalore viz SPA and few
platforms even in Arabian Gulf countries, to mention a few……. The two windows to the global Barkur, the ‘Barkuronline’, website in existence since 2001 and more than happy to focus on Church and parish activities…..and the other ‘Pedruchi Chavi’ the parish Bulletin too has been published since two decades or so….Understand that a new website only to focus Church activities will be ready to go online…..All these will be helpful in some way or the other, if utilised effectively, to be in constant touch with non-resident Barkurians who are manifold larger in number than present resident parishioners…..!!

Barkurians welcomed Father Philip Neri to historical Barkur, there is no much of difference in Kallianpur and Barkur, same climate, same culture, same fresh fish from the surrounding rivers and almost same loving people...... you will feel at home over here too, already one and half year gone and we wish you a happy living and peaceful days ahead.

With regards,
On behalf of Barkuronline Team,
P. Archibald Furtado, 4 th November, 2018. (




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