Prof. Y. Mohan Rao

Posted by: P. Archibald Furtado Posted Date : 25/03/2019

The name synonymous with Commerce & Accountancy  in Barkur…..

We always used to tell our colleagues and contemporaries, few Lecturers who taught us will be remembered for life time…..There are hundreds of commerce graduates hailing from Barkur and surrounding, who learned the basics of Accounts keeping, became Accountants, serving in Banks as officers and Managers, Lecturers, Financial consultants, Chartered and Cost Accountants, Company Secretaries etc., not only in various cities in India but also abroad. PUC Commerce classes were the beginning of a professional career, yes, after SSLC, there was an unwritten law, rather a trend – those who passed with first class opt / at times forced to enroll for Science (PCMB), Second class – Commerce – (HECA) and just pass in Arts – (HEPS). This practice / trend forcefully put few in streams they didn’t know or had any liking, some sailed through… rather put into the water, learnt swimming, alas, few spoiled their career, at least I know a dozen of them, with no love for science, now repenting in leisure.

It’s a rainy day of 1st June, 1977, about 65 plus students assembled in the class room located nearest to the staff room, majority of them unknown faces, except 10 of us from local NJC, and a dozen of young and smart girls from Maryknoll Girls High School. There were students from Kokkarne, Shankernarayana, Saiberakatte, Bidkalkatte, Matpady, Shiriyara, Heggunje, Yedthady etc…..First day, first period, after the prayer, lean, clean shaved and smartly dressed Lecturer took attendance, he was calling out the names and the students stands up says ‘yes sir’, the name and face both registered in the memory chip of this class teacher for next two years….Then starts another round of introduction, students name, High school, percentage of marks scored in SSLC etc….Third round, a general Question ‘why you opted to Commerce stream…? All these things only in English, it’s a different experience….one answers its ‘Interest’…..all follows the same…..First period of 45 minutes finish with only introduction and writing down Time Table….second period it was History, third Kannada and fourth was English as the morning session comes to an end….After the lunch first period again same Lecturer, altogether with another subject Accountancy…..All of us with zero knowledge, many of us hearing the word first time…..The whole lot of us studied in Kannada medium, now here not even a single word in Kannada, from beginning to end only in English….Many of my class mates remembered their first day in primary first standard…. I wonder, how tactfully he taught us, from a simple English to end up our PUC 2nd Year with that inbuilt confidence of conversing in English. It’s my own experience, when I joined for my B.Com studies in Milagres College, Kallianpur, there was an interview and the then Principal Rev. Dr. Peter Th. D’Souza, told other two Lecturers in the penal viz. Prof. Laxman Shetty and Prof. S.S. Naik, ‘all students from rural NJC’, we were about twelve, ‘are better in English compared to many students coming from other Junior Colleges…..’ Among others, the credit goes to Prof Y. Mohan Rao, in a big way, who taught us not only basics of Commerce and Accountancy but also the language English, which laid sound and solid foundations for a decent professional career…..Thank you Sir, we salute you and respect you for our life time……and always proud to claim as your students…..!

After leaving NJC in 1979, I met Y.M.Rao hardly once or twice in Barkur. It so happened, last month, one evening waiting for the bus to return from Barkur. Suddenly my brother informed, see your Lecturer is coming….wasting no time approached him and introduced myself….He was elated and tried to recollect the formidable batch of 1977 – 79, I called out few names of our classmates, like Shanker Shetty, Ivan Rebello etc….Once I made a mention of Bhasker A. Amin, it strike the right string, yes he informed ‘he is my neighbor, in Brahmmagiri, Udupi’. What followed was a marathon talk of an hour or so, leaving few buses and ultimately climbing the last express Durgamba to Udupi.

After a career of 35 long years as Lecturer in Commerce he retired from NJC Barkur, but continued in Girl’s Govt. College Udupi and other Colleges for ten more years…….

Brief family background, early life and Education:
Originally from Yermal near Kaup, he belong to a highly respected, orthodox Brahmin family……Born on 5th August, 1948, Parents, Y. Yogendrayya and Girija Rao, a family of devout and noble people in the locality. Had his primary education in Kuntikana Primary school, Mangalore, then High School studies in Canara High School, Mangalore, PUC in Adamar Junior College, followed by Vijaya College, Mulky, for B.Com. affiliated to University of Mysore and graduated in the year 1969. He was an excellent and meritorious student, and during the early 70’s there were only two Universities in Karnataka, University of Mysore and Karnatak University, Dharvar, and for M.Com degree, a total of 100 seats in the whole of Karnataka state and Mohan Rao fetched a seat in Dharwar as a regular student, and comes out with flying colors holding prestigious M.Com degree, in the year 1971.

National High school, Barkur was promoted as a Junior College; by introducing two years of PUC Classes in, 1971…..young and energetic Mohan Rao was the one rightly the pioneer who nurtured taste, likes and passion for Commerce stream since the inception years, of the College, in and around Barkur….

As Lecturer in Commerce in NJC Barkur:
There was a time, in 70’s to 90’s National Junior College has enjoyed the status of a first Grade College in the surrounding. Its Science Laboratory and Library were at par with any degree College of the time. In late 80’s the talk of the town was Barkur will get a sanction for a Degree College, all junior College Lecturers were thrilled and people like Prof. YM Rao, Prof Srinivasa Udupa, Prof. MVR Achar….. etc. volunteered to teach till the permanent staffs were in place……basic infra-structure, campus was in place…..University too convinced to grant its permission…….Alas, due to some misunderstanding, may be some selfish motives, or some invisible hands halted the process….and that is the worst thing that happened to Barkur at a crucial point of time….This naturally hurt not only educationists like Mr. Rao but we the Barkurians, lost a golden opportunity, at that particular point of time….! However, the young team of Lecturers kept the high standards of teaching throughout…

Other side of Y. Mohan Rao:
He was an excellent table tennis and badminton (shuttle-cock) player during his heydays in Barkur. He always actively involved in cultural activities in the Junior College, especially in drama and yakshagana……a permanent staff member in the directors panel…..It was Y. Mohan Rao, who arrange and supervise the lengthy annual prize distribution list every year, not allowing a single error in the execution….

His passion for Yakshagana & Folklore:
Many may not aware, that Mohan Rao is a talented Yakshagana artist – He has performed various roles in different prasangas – particularly his display of performance as Vedavysa in Hidimba Vivaha, Vishnu in Dharmagada Vijaya, Akroora in Madhura Mahindra, Narada in Jambavathi Kalyana, Sri Rama in Veeramani Kallaga etc were of exemplary display of talent, authority and expression……  It’s a traditional theater form, very popular in Coastal Karnataka that combines dance, music dialogue, costume, make up and stage techniques with a unique style and forms….






As a Column writer for Udayavani and other periodicals:
It’s very interesting to note, though he never utter a word in any other language than English while teaching, on the other hand he was an excellent writer in Kannada. He has written and published good number of short stories, essays, poems, quatrains, reviews, since his College days and thereafter. Many such articles and literary works published in dailies like Udayavani, Mungaru and magazines such as  Taranga, Sudha, Mayura etc. He also speaks with authority and thorough knowledge of Kannada literary world. He also developed passion for historical monuments in Barkur and many a times written and drawn the attention of concerned authorities to preserve them.

Publication of SEVEN Books, focusing on different tastes, shades,

  • Karamugivae Guru raya – 29.03.2013 – About Shri Raghavendra Swami and his miracles
  • Yendendu Mugiyda Kathe – 2014 – A Collection of 11 short stories
  • Banna Bannada Sanje Mallige – 07.08.2014 – Short poems
  • Nageyu Barutide Nanage – 2015 - A collection of his Nine sataires……
  • Vasudheyoladagitu ye kadu-medu – 30.05.2016. – 14 Thoughts on different topics, broadcasted in All India Radio.
  • Atta Itta Suttamutta – 10.01.2018 – 43 selected Essays on different subjects and contemporary issues.






Passionate for historical Barkur and his recent work on Historical monuments in Barkur:
We were informed that a ‘Book on Historical Monuments of Barkur ‘is in press under printing. Mostly it will be released for public in April, 2019. That is his 7th Book, - NITYOTSAVA KANDA BARAKOORU’ hopefully, soon we will publish a review of the Book, once it gets out of press…..

Some distinct qualities of Y. Mohan Rao - a family man, passionate human being:
Married to Usha, in the year 1978, the couple is blessed with two sons, Y. Deepak Rao & Y. Dheeraj Rao, eldest son a professional Mechanical Engineer earlier serving in Singapore now settled with wife Priya in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, younger one Dheeraj, an engineer in Computer Science working in Bangalore. A happy and contented family till 2014, on that unfortunate day of 12th March, 2014, Mohan Rao’s wife Usha, who was well known and efficient teacher in prestigious St. Cecily’s Primary School, Udupi, bid adios to this world, at the age of just 55……In his own words, it was Usha, who was an ideal life partner, the best mother for two, an excellent teacher, a reservoir of rich talents in dance, music and cultural fields…..One can notice the pain of this incomparable loss in Mohan Rao’s face….Yes, lot of water flown in River Sita since then and he has kept himself occupied with reading, writing and social work……He admits, in her physical absence too, he derives inspiration to do something useful, meaningful and fruitful to the society at large…..! No doubt, any relationship is based on two simple principles: First to appreciate our similarities and second respect our differences and Mr. Rao, imbibed these values in him….and hence made friends in all walks of life…..!

What we liked in Prof Mohan Rao
Personally, I admire him as one of the best Lecturers in my career. Though he taught us just two years, they were best in my student’s life. Had special passion for Commerce & Economics, especially in commerce, since the first class test, till the PUC Second year Public Exams, fortunate to be the top scorer and won Proficiency Prizes, I still preserve a novel ‘Balidana’ in Kannada and ‘Collection of English short stories by O. Henry’……Only once he called me to the staff room to advice to improve my handwriting, which I     couldn’t…..Couple of times helped him in ‘Students Stationery Mart’…..He was a well-disciplined gentleman, neatly dressed, his handwriting was very legible and artistic. He had a special knack or trick to communicate messages without hurting the ego or self-respect of students…..One small example, while giving the answer papers, he used to arrange them not as per roll numbers, instead arrange and distribute either ascending or descending order of marks scored, one small pause when it comes to 35 marks…..the whole class knows so far who got the papers are in red… further explanations…..!

As a retired Teacher but an active Social worker, writer and consultant:
Prof Y. Mohan Rao retired from NJC in the year, 2008 after a dedicated service of almost 4 decades. He was called to be visiting professor in many institutions. For many, he is still an Accounts teacher. Even after retirement he continued his teaching in Vidhyodaya PU. College Udupi, Polipu Jr. College, Kaup, Udupi Management College and five long years in Govt. Girls PU. College, Udupi.

National Junior College and earlier National High school, Barkur since 1946, was the greatest Educational Institution till the end of last 20th Century. It truly stood and weathered ups and downs thereafter. Once the pioneering batch of Lecturers retired, commercialization of education, unhealthy competition, took upper hand. During the days, when our parents hardly aware, what their children study after SSLC….it was these Lecturers looked after / rather guide us. Prof. Y.Mohan Rao, had a sincere teacher inbuilt in him. To be frank, the subjects he taught, i.e. Commerce and Accountancy were not only new, rigid and tough, but also at times confusing…. the student should have interest in it from day one….. moreover sudden switch over to English medium, unless followed properly in the class, will be a Herculean task to learn at home and pass. He has taken every care to go gradually from simple to complex, systematically. He was an ardent admirer of Prof BS Raman, the greatest Commerce teacher of the University, who was teaching in St. Aloysius College, and we were fortunate see lot of Prof. Raman’s qualities in Mr. Rao…

No one is perfect in this world, some students like a peculiar mode of learning, some like me,  listen and remember, few read by heart, that is purely subjective and in my opinion Y.Mohan Rao stand tall with his style, dedication and vast knowledge of the subjects he taught…..he was best in lecturing and superb dictating notes…..!!

Today, Barkur-on-line, feel proud to honor him as ‘Personality of the Month’ and thank him for his life of sacrifice, in teaching us a way of life, the basic foundation for a rewarding professional career, his contribution to art and culture, Kannada literature, economic support and encouragement to economically poor, conservation of human values and monuments in Barkur are always cherished by his students and public. May Almighty Lord grant him good health and peace of mind to continue this yeoman service, at this young age of 70, for many more years to come……….!

On behalf of Barkur-on-line and proud to claim as his student,

P. Archibald Furtado.



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