Congratulations on receiving Jesus in your heart for the first time.  We thank god for this great gift and continue to pray that you may be strengthened both physically and spiritually every time you receive holy communion.




With all good wishes from:

Ivan (Daddy), Nancy (Mummy), Michelle Gonsalves (sister), Mrs. Theresa Gonsalves Mrs & Mr. Wilfred Gonsalves & fly. Mrs & Mr. Clarence Gonsalves & fly. Mrs Jacintha Gonsalves & fly. Mrs & Mr. Mark Gonsalvs & fly. nMrs & Mr. John Gonsalves & fly. Mrs. Madthin Lobo. Mrs. & Mr. Wilson Lobo & fly, Mr. & Mrs. Noreen Sequeira & fly, Mr. & Mrs. Diana D'Souza & fly, Mr. & Mrs. Jyothi D'Souza & fly, Mrs. & Mr. Vijay Lobo & fly, Mrs. & Mr. Vinod Lobo & fly. and all relatives & friends.



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