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The Aab Padryaab of the century.

Barkur parish church is beautifully designed and has a colorful Altar.  All those who served the parish for the days and years gone by are the blessed ones. ‘cos either the parish is known for hard nuts or for better prospects. Only the present elderly priests of the diocese know why it is so. Perhaps the rock of Peter was visible in its strength. However, it was a special and well known parish in its own style. Perhaps some of us were born during this era and some just opened their eyes and others learnt to wear a chaddi. One among the wearer of chaddi is myself who just learnt the correct path to walk to the church crossing Raghu angadi (shop) to the church and home via hosal bail. If needed short cut, sorya angdi (arrack shop) root was rather clear and dear except the biting dog of the Lobo’s.

I was taught catechism and was made to walk this path if not everyday at least on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was a special day where priest did the dhobi’s job of washing the sins and Sunday was a day to wear the altar boys dress.

Before learning the root to the church properly, I had heard much about Aab padryab who is straight forward and strong in his views and thoughts. He was well know for this holiness too. So much so, I was told that he has a cross on his back. I had heard that ,’whatever he says would happen’. People were scared of him. One fine morning he preached on Barkurchim sunktam (people act against him) jumping….. and within hours time some faced a great loss. I had seen it happen too. His holiness was well accepted by people and were faithful to his sayings and spiritual aspirations. 

He had bald hairy head with long beard. He seemed infact holy but two fingers of his right hand had always the snuff in it that coloured his nose and his long beard. His kitem tem kitem tem saang mhaka ek….till fifteen (pondra) which is still resounding in my ears and is fully fresh even if you wake me in the middle of the night, I would sing without opening my eyes. He was a great devotee of our lady.

He had his exercise by walking with his other two friends till the Barkur bridge. He enjoyed their company and they too were faithful to him. I was inspired by his holiness and made me take up the holiness lane. I owe my vocation to his holiness.

His song 

kithem tem kithem tem saang mhaka ek,

ek dev, ek atmo, ek bhavarth.

Doan:  doan folio moijechio.

Theen: theig patriarch.

Char:  choug vanjelist

Paanch:fator davidache

Sov:   bhannam soreachim

Saath: saath sacrament.

Aat:    bhagi devache.

Noav:  koar anjache.

Dha:   mandamenth.

Ikra:   hazar anvkvari

Bara:   apostlole

Tera:  ajapam sant antonichim

Choudha: estesanvam (stations of the cross)

Pondra: misther rosariche.

I wish  we had all the priests in our parish like him who are holy and people oriented. Perhaps its our duty to follow the holiness of our former ones to keep the light burning in faith and march with its flame spirit. Now he is no more but his spirit is still alive in its holy feelings in me and us.

Eternal Rest Grant unto him O Lord, Let perpetual light shine upon him, may he rest in peace.

Cyprihen Barkur.

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