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India is a place of villages. There are rich, poor and the  marginalized.  All these are man made social stratifications. However, owing to the old  ages that are flown in these villages, makes the day. It had its own leaders  and leadership. They either led the people or were led by the then  situation. However, history has something to say and remember about them , but  though not a word found written about them. One such person I  remember is one Mr. Laudate.

He was known for his loud voice and for laudate ( A latin hymn sung to thank God) singing. He knew the laudate  in four tunes to sing for four different occasions like marriage, cradling, house  warming etc. After all Laudate is thanks to God. It is true that one rightly  said, 'one can be lonely being in a crowd and a crowd even being lone'.  This was very visible in this Mr. Laudate. He would make people laugh and  enjoy his presence. This was all possible for him only when he had paid  respect to the Spirit or similar to that if any. This Spirit would gear him up  to sing and he would gladly sing - 'ho aamcho soro, jivaak boro, chod zalear   moronki puro'. Perhaps no day he spent without getting drunk.

He was a good man in his own right. Helpful in his own ways and was very  friendly in cordial format. He would act and make children enjoy his  presence. Youth would love him and ask him to dance when the Perampalli band  played Ye Ye katrinam. He was most wanted at any occasion of the village  where he would know what to do and how to do it. Even his kitchen presence  would give a better taste with man's fervour. He was thought about all the  time. He was the real hero in the village . He knew to handle and balance  the occasion to add taste and sing  thanks to God - Laudate.

In the recent past I visited this village on the occasion of the death of a noble  lady and found the all were in silence. I felt something amiss. I also  felt out of place and felt a great vacuum here. Then I realized that  this is nothing but the absence of Mr. Laudate. His presence would have given a  change to the situation. When he would be there all would have been alert and  cheerful. I feel his absence is a great loss  to the village and is irreplaceable. Now soro is there but laudate is heard in silence. Can anybody advertise for such replacement?

May Mr. Laudate Rest In Peace.

- 'Enri.


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