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While looking back, among half a dozen crazy hobbies cultivated, it was the interest in ‘reading palms’ especially during College days, in early 80’s, now looks so silly.

Normally bit quality books costing very high, at that time, when money was scarce, and the shortcut or the tricks to satiate this thrust was, polluting the minds of few, curious to know their future, but had few extra rupees in their pockets, eventually persuading them to purchase these books from Bus stand Book stalls, at Udupi / Mangalore.

Of course the books were in English and my junior’s generally poor to grasp the zest, (I may be a wrong in assessing their brain strength,) in turn looking at me for translation. The ultimate aim of gathering knowledge (?) say basics, without spending on the book, so fulfilled. Many a times I used to carry these, thick size, though borrowed one’s, bold headed, attractive front page with a palm, to College, with an motive to attract smart females, as I was not gifted with nothing, either a smart hair style, or broad chest with a button open and a golden chain exhibited or a fine neatly ironed foreign clothes with musk or scent, to inspire these ‘butterflies’ / khorvos’ of the days!!

Then it was fun altogether, knowing by heart few thick lines and their meaning – few quotes from the books, but most from my pocket, posing like a small time pundit, used to read the pulse (not palms), of classmates, and friends, choosing such locations, to show up, making it deliberately known to …!

Now feel, if taken same amount of curiosity and pain to learn my academic syllabus, may be me, would have landed in some higher positions in life. Oh no, let me console that fate or the wisdom line is / was very weak on my right palm!!

Even after those romantic college days, this craze didn’t ready to leave me, rather became very strong. Of course little money started playing in my hands and spend good amount on ‘Palmistry Books’ written by so-called writers of name and fame of Europe.

It is said ‘deceivers get enough people to deceive’ and the place I was living had plenty of them. Many a times, on Sundays it was routine affair to act like reading their future by holding their both palms, in exchange of favours or Guru dakshine like a sumptuous breakfast or beer bottle or a new cinema ticket sponsorship at times. Important condition was every thing will be told in private and should not be disclosed to others - as more or less same things with varied coatings, will be foretold to others.

I was on vacation in 2001, to my surprise, X reminded me of my old expertise, and the predictions of his elder brother which came true, as he met with untimely death, I know it is purely a co-incidence, but this man not ready to leave me without reading his newly wedded wife’s palm. I made heaven and earth together to convince him, all this is bullshit! Another fellow felt too uneasy, as once told him – ‘his life will take a U turn at 40, and not so prosperous as he is now’ - I’m sure he must me cursing me if remembers this, as he at the moment doing wonders in States! Many beautiful girls of late 70’s and 80’s, whom I told would marry smart guys, give a broad smile with a wink; accompanying their husbands by their side, with a warm shake hand!!

I had lot many embarrassments as well as happy moments, with this ‘palmistry’ and now un-knowingly if see children, oversee their palm for a moment, suddenly sub-conscience reminding me - all this is hum buck or blind beliefs, but it is true we are the architects of our own fortune and hard work, dedication and un-stinted faith in Almighty will lead all of us at that direction.

Let me conclude this with my Kannada Pundit"Makkale nimma Bhavishya Nimma kaiyalli ede"

An old time Palmist.

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