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Koosan Palli Veerappan and the Police Kung Fu.

Did you ever hear that 'sleeping with an enemy is not a sin but charity'?  Of course don't try it, as it may concur damage!.People when loose faith in their rulers, they gain in themselves. Koosan Palli (name changed) a place well known for its illegal home arrack industry. The poor of this village had no way to earn their livelihood but launch into preparation of arrack and sell in bulk or in retail. The police had to catch them as it is illegal but had no chance to enter the Palli as the women folk would take up the Sarni Khunto (Palm Stick Broom), Koiti (chauper) and kurad (axe)to defend themselves and chase the police who normally ran for life instead of entering the village with darbar size courage.

The police often wore mufti and tried their brevity to catch some of them. But it wasn't their cup of tea. The man who is to be arrested (Veerappan Chopra) was hiding and at the same time was freely roaming amidst the city in Koosan Palli and Uppinadi (name changed).

He was notorious but at the same time very clever with Kadugalla Veerappan's skill. Finally police had to surrender and find a public occasion to see that this man is trapped.

It was Rev. Fr. Hatrick (name changed) the assistant parish priest of four story bell free parish which was built in 1962, was transferred to Koosan Palli parish. His body though was in Koosan Palli, his soul longed for the youth of Barkur who normally tied a rope for his fine tuned bell and both enjoyed ringing with similar melody.

The day was fortunate. Fr. Hatrick invited his beloved Santi Guddi boys of 1962 bell free parish. There was a three hour drama starting around seven thirty but first curtain was raised at nine thirty. The delay was on account of no lights around and secondly these Santi Guddi bell free boys failed to reach in time. The twenty men army got into the bus and finally in the pitch dark found themselves under the noise of Koosan Pally drama stage. Though the bell free  army had forty in their count but reached safe only twenty;yet left to enjoy the drama that was put up by these Koosan Palli village youth. They had to entertain the locals and prove their age old hidden supremacy to the bell free army.

They were welcomed with noise and dust amidst a few dozen people with hot bottle scent. The heroes and heroines to perform were from the Bollyhood Palli who for the first time appear on the ice berg called Stage. Some of them were professionally most wanted by the local police for many offences committed directly or indirectly by them. The highlight of the day was the bell free parish youth. Rest weren't there. The simple reason is, their place was occupied by the police in mufti to catch these stars and take them 'behind the bar' in nearby police station.

The drama began. And Mr. Veerappan who was to be caught appears on the stage with his bhima size. What a joy to the police and the drama audience! The police in mafti invited the other gang of police who knew special Kung Fu with official dress to arrive and catch Veerappan of Koosan Palli who was most wanted for illegal activities, in particular cooking and selling the local 46% mixed alcohol hot cooled water. When the chains and the team of police arrived the commotion increased in the area. The police came to catch Veerappan behind the stage by interrupting the progressive drama as soon as the drama curtain was up. There was a Good Samaritan who rightly told them, "it is illegal to stop a public function by catching a culprit in action'. Hence, the police watched his all mukha bhangis (funny facial appearance) on stage and waited for the last scene. When the last scene was declared for the drama to get over, Veerappan was not there!. He entertained the police and the people to the full. Where has he gone? Of Course, police are good at catching and handcuffing those innocents but not the clever ones.

The Veerappan was directed by his team mates and the Fr. Hatrick's volunteers to get under the stage which was well built for safety. One plank of the stage was moved and there our Veerappan -  like the Cycle Savara gets into the womb of the stage and rests for the rest of the night with his loongi stretched. Some said, don't tell where he is and others waved hands on the air saying, 'Dev Bori Raat dium Veerappan' (Good nightVeerappan) and Veerappan sleeps peacefully that night.

The drama is over.  All left the place, but the hungry hunter police are still searching for the Hero of the drama to take him to the Uppinadi police station to beat him like the children who would kill a dead snake. But their attempt to have his darshan was one hundred percent successful but catching him with their hungry anger was yet to open their account.

The police went back empty handed. The catch was dropped not only by the cricketers in a cricket match but here by our local police. All enjoyed the drama so also the police. The Rev. Fr. Hatrick had his butterflies in his stomach as he had invited the Chalis chor from bell free parish not knowing what would happen. Yet, it was all fun as the people watched two types of scenes; namely the drama scene and the police hunt.

Till today, I mean even after that day, the man was not caught (?) but I believe with the reader that he left that profession because he was involved in a religious act of performing GOOD against the evil in the drama. I wish that, May Fr. Hatrick's hats off for the success of changing water into wine in the life of Veerappan of Koosan Hally and also the people from their profession of illegal hot cold water to hard working souls. Hurray hip hip hurray Fr. Hatrick.

Yes, Cheers to Fr. Hatrick!!! Shush stop it. Its not the Kosan halli production but Bell Free boys production. Ha ha ha

By - Hens Feather.

October 20, 2005.

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