Peaceful and calm town, our Barkur, the historical capital of Tulunadu, till the end of 19th century, though lost its earlier glory, was fortunate to be one of the early birds to join the internet bandwagon, thanks to Team lead by Kishoo, Barkur in 2002.

What started as a kind of extension of the church bulletin,, the website soon underwent a face uplift and transformed itself into catering to the needs and reaching to the wardrooms and finger tips of Global Barkurians spread around the world.

Though the user interactions were not on expected lines, say bare minimum, with its average hits of 400-500 per day, the website slowly, but steadily amassed a wealth of information of Barkur, the place and its people over a decade and definitely can be termed as the official information source of Barkur.

The lion's share of the articles in the site, are written by Archibald Furtado, residing in Muscat, who has been with the team since the beginning. James Fernandes, USA has contributed to the site continuously and kept it vibrant, with his valuable inputs. Initial days were covered by Mr. Herald D'Souza, Barkur in the midst of his busy schedule.

John Gonsalves, Muscat, Eric Soans, Barkur, Dr. Manoj Maxim D'Lima, Mr. Vijaya Suvarna, Santhe Gudde Cricketers, Arun Master, Fr.Henry Cyprian D'Souza, Fr. Tony Andrade, Mr. Rony Andrade, Mrs. Marina Gonsalves and Mrs. Sujatha Andrade and few others helped us in this long journey. Stephen Lewis Saligrama and Alwyn Andrade, the ace photographers of Barkur contributed with their pictures for photo gallery and most of the news. Mr. Ramabhat Sajangadde, Mr. Sathyanarayana Udupa and Prof. Rajshekhar Hebbar were with us throughout this sojourn.

This year, in 2012, we saw young blood infused into the team in the form of Austin Pradeep, an IT professional and Franklin Fernandes, a dynamic youth leader, pursuing his MBA studies, joined hands with us and totally revamped the site and made it more interactive and tech savvy, using modern technology.

Mr.Naveen Sequira, Barkur, has supported with his technical expertise all along the journey.

The team can never forget Dr. Gabriel Fernandes who has been the backbone of the site with his financial and moral support. Mr. B.D.Shetty of Unitop Mumbai, Mr. B. Sudhakar Shetty of Vasudha Chemicals, Mumbai also supported us all along.

In short, while acknowledging the contributions and co-operation of one and all, for its steady growth over the decade and present status, we look forward to your feedback, to serve you better and stand as an ideal to our contemporaries in coming years.