Personality of the month

POM-Rev. Fr. Antony Fernandes

Rev. Fr. Anthony Fernandes, Diocese of Bellary.

POM Shri B. Chooda Poojari

A tall gentleman with handsome looks, gifted with that manly and commanding voice in our town Barkur for last five decades and that too 40 odd years as a Teacher in Maryknoll Higher Primary School, Hosala Barkur, was / is, our beloved Shri. Chooda Master – an attractive personality, no one can afford to forget in lifetime, especially the student’s...

Sr. Jacintha Fernandes our POM

Introducing the proud recipient of Karnataka State, Florence Nightingale Award for Nurses - from Barkur Sr. Jacinta Fernandes

Prof. Rama Bhat Sajangadde

Truly we don’t have a perfect definition to describe an ‘Ideal Teacher…..’, however here and there, have some ‘perfect examples of true teachers’ and one such name at and around our Barkur is Shri Rama Bhat, a teacher for lifetime, served for three long decades in National Junior College, as Lecturer in English, a man encouraged young and teenager...

Antony Prakash DSouza

It is our proud privilege and honor to feature Anthony Prakash D’Souza as our Personality of the Month, we are sure soon his name will make national headline in Konkani Literature, for his extraordinary stories. Rightly his works will be translated in English and other languages, as of now the Book also comes out in Devnagari script. Let him be ble...

The ever green hero of SPA Barkur Vincent D’Almeida

A multi-faceted personality, a natural leader from youthful days, in NJC, the CYM Barkur, SPCYA – Bombay, an actor, an occasional singer and choir member, an organizer with excellent public relationship, and most importantly the longest served General Secretary of SPA Barkur - Mumbai, man who visualized the first of its kind….and executed the histo...

A shining sports-star, an upcoming athlete from Barkur

Javelin is a sharp tipped, light weight throwing spear with a long stick, which is used in sorting events. Historically these sorts of javelins were used as weapons for hunting and in warfare. In modern world, it’s now restricted to be a sport event from Olympics to Taluk Level athletic meets.

Electrical Point and Vinod Sequeira

We always used to state with proofs and instances that, Barkur has given birth to great people, smart people and hardworking people. There are hundreds of them and it’s impossible to make a list of such individuals at one place, however our web pages Barkuronline, periodically picked few of them, since its inception year 2000, and tried to introduc...

Prof. Y. Mohan Rao

We always used to tell our colleagues and contemporaries, few Lecturers who taught us will be remembered for life time…..There are hundreds of commerce graduates hailing from Barkur and surrounding, who learned the basics of Accounts keeping, became Accountants, serving in Banks as officers and Managers, Lecturers, Financial consultants, Chartered...