Personality of the month

Mr Henry Roche

Presenting Mr. Henry Roche

B. Shantharama Shetty

Presenting Mr.Shantharama Shetty

B.Seetharama Shetty

We are very happy and delighted to present Mr.B. Seetharam Shetty, retired principal NJC our Personality Of the Month at the launch of our new home page.

Mr Richard Carvalho

Presenting Mr.Richard Carvalho, Richard Garage, Marol, Mumbai

Chooda Master

We are happy to introduce Chooda Master as our personality of the month.

V L Roche

We are delighted to present Mr.V.L.Roche as our Personality of the month.

Fr Sylvester D'Souza

We are very happy and proud to present Fr. Sylvester D'Souza, our Parish Priest, as our first Personality of the month.