Mr Kasim Saheb

Mr.Kasim Saheb


Mr. B. Kasim Saheb, was born in the historic town of Barkur on 21st June, 1954, at Kacchur village of Barkur, who is a honest, soft spoken man, with handsome/pleasant personality, making himself readily available especially to fellow Barkurians, irrespective of their status, caste or creed, for any sort of help in emergency situations or otherwise. He is there to share their sorrow and in their happy occasions as well.

Mr. Kasim had his primary education at D. K. Zilla Panchayath Primary School, Santhegudde (Near the Church) and continued his education at National High School (now N. J. C.) Barkur till S.S.L.C. After finishing his high school education, he went in search of a job and initially he was engaged in a small firm at Malpe. Then he went to Bangalore where he joined the Hotel Olympus and later Hotel Avishkar where he worked in various capacities and earned sufficient knowledge, in managing hotel business and some culinary arts. During the evening or spare time hours he took classes in typing in English language where he also made considerable proficiency in English by reading. He passed his English typing examination with high marks. Then he came down to Brahmavar where he started his own small business firm. He had to struggle and work hard indeed to make a living.

Mr. Kasim, ‘Without College’ but with plenty of ‘Practical Knowledge’ and skills acquired in hotel business, managed to find a job in Saudi Arabia. He was employed by ARAMCO (Arabian American Oil Company), where only the very best are hired. He served there for about 13 years from 1982 to 1995. He worked in food servicing division at Southern Area Community Services Department of the company. This is where he learned the importance of punctuality, for he had to make sure that food had to be served on time, hence any associated services had to be timely, whereas, a report can be submitted a week later!

In the year 1995 he decided to resign from his job thus he returned to his birth-place Barkur, to serve the people by creating small jobs. He purchased a shopping complex at Car Street, Barkur where previously ‘Kamath Nursing Home’ was functioning. Dr. Kamath left Barkur upon disposing off his properties. It’s on this property Mr. Kasim Saheb established ‘Barkur Telephone Exchange’ by contacting with determination and persistence, the Telecom Department using his influence. Thus, we can say that he brought in some jobs to Barkur. The Telephone Exchange is functioning smoothly today in his premises, thus helping Barkur’s economy.

Mr. Kasim Saheb is keeping himself busy in many a social activities and presently, he is serving as the President of Udupi Taluk unit of the "Muslim Association" of the Udupi District. During the general body meeting of the association held recently, he was re-elected as the President for the second term of next 2 years (2003 - 2004). He has got to be good to get re-elected like that! Congratulations Mr. Kasim.

He is one of the Directors of Barkur Rotary Club which has bagged 24 awards this year alone, too many to mention here. He is busy with the Citizen forum of Barkur - Brahmavar. He is the Vice-President of the Parent-Teachers' Association of National P. U. College. He was elected as the General Secretary of the Udupi District Minority Commission. Barkur.com readers might recall that Mr. Kasim was there to unfurl Tri-Color flag on Independence Day (2002) at Mary Knoll High School, as the Vice President of Barkur Rotary Club, and as one of the distinguished guests. Dear readers, it is possible to involve and perform in all these prestigious associations with "No College; but with Practical Knowledge’ and a desire or drive to help serve other human beings. God’s grace is working through him, and we in Barkur are lucky to be the recipients in different capacities. When he greets us ‘As-Salam Alaikum’ meaning ‘Peace be unto you’, let us greet him back saying ‘Wa Alaikum As-Salam,’ to mean ‘And peace be unto you too.’ Barkur.com proudly greets Mr. Kasim, "Wa Alaikum As-Salam," and also all our Barkur.com visitors.

He is a happily married man, in the year 1983, to Mrs. Rukhia, leading a family with 3 children Ms. Sabrin, Mr. Sabil Ahmed, and Miss Saniya. Oh, yes, he finds time to spend with his family, irrespective of his works of charity. He knows, "Charity begins at home!"

Mr. Kasim Saheb, is a very busy person today, involved with lots of activities in and around Barkur, helping anyone who approaches him, in one or other way, in small or big matters. He is happy and grateful for having got this opportunity to serve the community/society from which he earned a name and fame.

On behalf of "barkur.com" we wish Mr. Kasim Saheb the very best on his 49th Birthday taking place on 21.06.2003, and many, many more.

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