Mr Felix Barnes

Team barkuronline.com feel proud to present a great son of Barkur and salute

Shri Felix Barnes

and respect him as the “Personality of the month”

Definitely there will be none in Mumbai-Barkurian circles, who might not heard the name of Shri Felix Barnes, Ex-president of St.Peter’s Association Barkur-Mumbai.

Born, in Bombay, on 12th May, 1938, and later brought-up in far away remote village Sankady, of Barkur parish, surrounded by one or two Catholic, few Syrians, and mostly by Hindu families, he got educated at Mary knoll School, Barkur and Viveka High School Kota, landed in Mumbai, in search of a career in 60s. Being a ace sportsman, excelled in long jump, and brought glory to the School by winning trophies in Cricket, Badminton, and continued to play County in Bombay in 60s and 70s, but hard luck, not able to play Ranji.

Undoubtedly, as the saying goes, like father like son – his father, late Shri Santhan Banz and mother late Mrs Juana Buthello were great social workers in Bombay as early as in 1920s, and was a BEST employee during British Raj and to the extent we know, he was the pioneer to start first club at Mumbai Fort, dedicated to t.Peter, the patron of Barkur. His second son, Felix, (elder son was Mr. Simon Banz - ex Bombay Port Trust employee, now retired, and residing in Sankady, Barkur, only sister Mrs Florine Furtado, also settled in New Mumbai) rightly a chip of old block has gone many a steps beyond, to become the President of SPA, may be to materialise un-cherished dreams of his father!!

Being founder member as well as one of the promoters and later, walked into the shoes of Late Mr.Simplen Sequeira, to be its President, in the year 1998 till 2000, Felix is instrumental in making SPA a household name in Bombay today. Lot of new concepts introduced in the day-to-day running of the Association and for the welfare of its members and Barkurians especially youngsters. Mention may be made of its adapting Mary knoll H.Primary School, by facilitating English teaching, donating uniforms, and awarding scholarships etc.

Apart from this he was the President of Giants International, Mulund way back in 1984, and recognised for organising lot of social activities, and personally I had the privilege to see him on the dais to receive the honours at Shanmukanand Hall.

He is also well known in Konkanni community and popular with non-Christians too and carved a niche for himself in social fields. Since last year he got elected, as the Director of Model Co-operative Bank is another feather in his success cap.

What we realise is, on observing his social concerns and leadership qualities, the positions are offered and knocking his doorsteps, as on July 6th 2002, he took over the prestigious post of PRESIDENT of LIONS CLUB, of Bombay Lake side, for the years 2002/2003, at Hotel Vishwa Samrat.

His efforts to bridge the gap between the Roman Catholics and Syrian Christians, (before moving to ankady, they were the natives of Sulkudru, Mabukal, where the Syrians are in large number,) of the ntive place, encouragement to youngsters, simplicity and ready accessibility - deserve a special ention.

Married to Bernadette, (Benny) an ideal love marriage, in the year 1968, they are blessed with two alented daughters, the eldest. Shirley Joan married to Anthony Gonsalves of Halekody and settled in UA.E. and the youngest Glenis perusing her studies.

After serving couple of decades, in firms like M/s H.H. Johnson ( I ) Bombay, since 1961, reached to the lvel of Plant Manager, in its Tool Room and Production Dept, retired in the year 1998. Felix a short an with a razor sharp mind, an infectious grin, now runs a private business……..and also serve as cnsultant and partner in other firms and very successful.

Surely, this is a small introduction of Mr Felix, and his well wish wishers and those associated with hm for years, are welcome to add a word or two…

‘barkur.com Team’ feel proud of this great son of Barkur and salute Shri Felix Barnes, and respect him a the “personality of the month”.

May he live and serve long in organisations like, the mentioned above, and continue to be a source of inpiration to coming generation to imitate. We wish him and his family a long healthy and prosperous lfe!

- P.Archibald Furtado, Muscat.

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