Personality of the month

Dr Gabriel Fernandes

Introducing Dr Gabriel Fernandes

Sr.Helen Concilia Fernandes is proud to present Dr. & Sr. Helen Consilia Fernandes of Moodahadu Kudru, as our very first female POM, (Personality of the Month.)  I  had approached her in the very first month when was introduced

Mr.Wilfred Gonsalves

That was a pleasant Wednesday, Parish Feast Day evening, in December, in 70’s; the then great banner, the St. Peter’s Association, rather better known ‘Saanth Pedrucho Sangh’ - presenting their ‘event of the year’ – the social drama… and two or three epoch making scenes already successful to inculcate curiosity and grip over the minds of drama craz...


To be a Practicing Physician in Barkur, one has/had to be a godly man or a man of charity, because, in the 50s or 60’s obtaining even the cost of pills from the patients was a challenge indeed, forget about any fee for medical services such as diagnosis, consultancy, prescriptions or for home visits.  Dr. N.C. Kalkur was one of such godly men of Ba...

Micheal DSouza

In order to be featured as a Person of the Month, (POM), we had given ourselves some criteria that this person should contribute substantially to Barkur a little more than any average Barkurian. This contribution can be achieved in any form.  An athlete too can and does bring lots of pride, honor, and prestige to his/her school or to Barkur in gene...

Kuradi sadashiva Kalkura

If anyone has not heard of Mr. Kurady Kalkura, he/she must not be from Barkur, Brahmavar or Udupi! Yes, Barkuronline team too was aware of him, however, this team finally managed to get a few details of him, lately!  Thus we are very proud to present, even though long overdue, Mr. K. Sadashiva Kalkura, as the Personality of the Month, POM.

Mr.Harry Fernandes

A Barkurian in Bollywood as a director  HARRY WILLIAM FERNANDES - The man who proved us wrong!

Mr.Peter Furtado proudly wants to present Peter Furtado and his family, of Wantekali Jeddu of Bennekudru. Peter was born on 18th February, 1944.  He was born to Alexander (Hacchu)  and Elizabeth Furtado. Peter is the fifth one among seven children: Fermine, Precilla, Francis, Edward, John, and Judith.  Peter obtained his high school degree (SSLC) from th...

Rev Fr Henry Cyprian DSouza

Barkur, a place rich with tradition and history, also a host for several great people, who excelled in various fields, and this web site always felt proud to give a glimpse of such few amidst us, to its visitors. Herein for this month, we have chosen, a special one, a fairly young one, in his 30’s, from a different field – a multi talented, devout,...

B.Laxmi Narayana.Adiga proudly presents our own Dr. B. L. Adiga, popularly known as namma Adiga Maastru.  The 26 alphabets of the English language are not sufficient enough to mention his professional degrees: Dr. B. Laxminarayana Adiga, R.M.P. (AYUR), M.B.H.S., M.D.H., M.Sc., (Homoeopathy); G.M.