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Just few words on Kevin Misquith and his THEMBE THEMBE

Just few words on Kevin Misquith

The Visit of His Excellency the Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Henry D'Souza - to Muscat

A special joyful moment to Barkurians in Oman –

Adieus to Fr. Aranha and Warm welcome to Fr. Alban D'Souza.

‘Barkur parish’ having a colorful history of almost 150 long years, had the privilege to be served by great priests in the past, who were mainly responsible to keep the Catholic faith live

Very Rev. Msgr. Denis Jerome DSouza

All of us Barkurian’s devoutly offer our prayers at the magnificent St. Peter’s Church premises – its very exteriors…. more precisely its interiors, not only create a serene holy atmosphere to praise the glory of Almighty

Late Herald Sequeira

A life lived for others than self, in fond remembrance of…. HERALD SEQUEIRA, Barkur A founder member of CYM Barkur

The Expressions

The Expressions – a colorful decade of purposeful existence…..

Migration & Barkurians

MIGRATION & BARKURIANS………some facts and few effects…..