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Ronald D’Almeida

One time CYM’s versatile actor on stage and a courageous leader, off stage…..a story of a simple, down to earth man…. Ronald D’Almeida.

A Biography of a self made genius, Hailing from a village Moodahadu, Barkur

‘Barkuronline’ visitors hardly need any introduction of renowned Research Scientist Dr. Gabriel Fernandes, MSc, Ph. D, CNS, a reputed name in San Antonio, USA, originally from Moodahadu Barkur, as most of you read about him regularly in our pages for the last two decades…!

Its the choice between BJPs Shobha Karandlaje Or Cong & JDS combine candidate Pramod Madwaraj in Udupi - Chickmagalore

With less than a week to exercise the franchise on 18th April, 2019, the battle lines clearly drawn for Lok Sabha Elections. While sitting MP Ms. Shobha immensely banking on Modi wave and well-oiled BJP party machinery, whereas Mr. Pramod Madwaraj, former MLA representing Udupi who had experience as cabinet Minister, echoing development of the cons...

Is there a need of Teachers Associations in parish level?

As all of us aware, the New Diocese of Udupi took its birth on 15th October, 2012. The infant diocese marching ahead with lot many unique programmes…..One such revolutionary step was of forming of 18 Aayoga’s to involve majority of the parishioners and implement both diocesan and parish level objectives of liturgical / social programmes and make c...

Rev. Fr. Patrick Rodrigues..a priest with a difference.

The following three odd years, were marked with the renaissance of youth activities as he directed infant CYM group, which was just two years old…and catapulted it to be one most vibrant unit rightly in the then Kallianpur varado and even in the Diocese.

Brief History of Christians in Kallianpur Varado

During my youthful College days, in early 80’s at Milagres, Kallianpur, a question always haunting me was ‘why there are two churches within a furlong distance in Brahmmavar…..? Many a times I raised this question to my parents as well as priests… and didn’t get the convincing answer.

Miraculous wooden statue of St Peter the Apostle

Few of our elderly Barkurians may be aware of the practice to venerate a small but very attractive statue of St Peter the Apostle, our patron, on 29th June every year, in our Church at Barkur.

A marvelous Heritage Structure: St. Peter Church, Barkur.

All of us are aware of the much needed repair, restoration and maintenance of almost a century old Barkur Church Building has commenced since October, 2018.

A DECADE OF DRAMAS 1976 to 1987

This was the scenario about 30 –40 years back, there were no computers, no TV, no mobiles. In the whole town of Barkur there were only five land telephone lines.

Maryknoll Girls High School to Maryknoll High School