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With love to my Friend John & cousin Joyce on their Silver Jubilee of married life

Indeed it’s a great day; John & Joyce are Celebrating 25 years of married life.


No doubt almost 10% of our life is closely associated with this primary School. In other words on an average 7 long years we spent in this almamator - mostly in studying, partly playing and as a whole enjoying

The myth of Bhutala Pandya or Apostle Bartholomew associated with The Ancient Coastal port town of Barkur

History is a subject always fascinates most of us, though many of us, so I am, not qualified enough to analyze the same, scientifically.

An Organisation to Complete 25 Years....

DOWN MEMORY LANE…..formation years of St. Peter’s Association, Barkur – Mumbai 1983 – 1988. A flashback…..!

A tribute to all the Priests served in our Barkur Parish 150 Years.

Barkur parish is the oldest in the Varado, next only to Milagres Cathedral Kallianapur, and was served by the Priests from here from 1854 – 1861

Morvine Quadras, A star is in the making

That nobleman at the Bennekudru Temple annual festival, in December 1992, rightly predicted now some 20 years ago, when he saw a boy at his tender age of just five, dancing to the Hindi Film tunes on that pleasant evening

A big thank you ...Rev Fr Alban D'Souza

A big thank you – Rev. Fr. Alban D’Souza

BARKUR-ONLINE, your home town at a cursor-y glance..

Perhaps Uncle James Fernandes believed in that home is where the heart is. For me it’s more rooted – emotionally, literally and figuratively and for the generation preceding both of us

Haladi Shrinivasa Shetty

Nicknamed, rather popularly known as ‘Vajpayee of Kundapur’, Halady Srinivas Shetty is a born leader. Till the other day he was our respected MLA. His leadership qualities were well known from his school and college days.

Just few words on Kevin Misquith and his THEMBE THEMBE

Just few words on Kevin Misquith