A Biography of a self made genius, Hailing from a village Moodahadu, Barkur

Dear Readers,

‘Barkuronline’ visitors hardly need any introduction of renowned Research Scientist Dr. Gabriel Fernandes, MSc, Ph. D, CNS, a reputed name in San Antonio, USA, originally from Moodahadu Barkur, as most of you read about him regularly in our pages for the last two decades…!

Soon his Biography will be published in English, both in USA and in India.

Arrangements are in place to dispatch a copy each, to all colleges and reputed educational Institutions, since his life journey, inventions and contribution to health and science itself an inspirations to students.

It is my privilege to write a brief ‘Overview for this great Biography’ of a proud son of our native Barkur…

The same is published over here for your reading pleasure and feedback if any…..

P. Archibald Furtado.

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