With love to my Friend John & cousin Joyce on their Silver Jubilee of married life

Indeed it’s a great day; John & Joyce are Celebrating 25 years of married life.


About 25 years ago to talk about ‘John and Joyce’ was as easy as drinking a glass of water.  I spoke innumerable times, during n number of occasions, during various celebrations in their family, both in Barkur and here in Muscat..... They were ‘Brand Barkurians’ then.....today the couple is ‘Brand Mangalore in Muscat’; they have grown to be the popular faces amongst Mangaloreans in Oman.  It’s a proud privilege to me, as their Friend for the last 4 decades, rather known to the family for the last 50 odd years....and to raise the toast on their Silver Jubilee....!



My memories are afresh, on that glittering day of 21st May, 1991, once the wedding vows were exchanged in the presence of Rev Fr. Alban Furtado, the main celebrant, the 3 gigantic Bells of St Peter Church were more louder and melodious, to herald, rather declare the ‘union two hearts’, which had a history of another 12 years, of just not knowing... but longing to see that day in their life........ It’s a long, very long romantic story to narrate.....to cut it short.......my friend John liked, loved and adored only one girl in his life. Perhaps, that is the difference in most us.... Anyway I might have liked couple of dozens...finally married one...of course, out of that dozen, I liked, how many of them liked me... is a million dollar question, either to be discussed or disclosed....!!




As I told it’s  still like a fairy tale wedding I attended, just other day, yes 25 years back......Our Prof. Richard Rebello raised the toast, at the Milagres Tri centenary Hall, Kallianpur and his words of wisdom -  cherished, applied and followed by the couple, in their life, both in letter and spirit,  yes with an exception, he expected to have the couple at least half a dozen children........of course the talented Two Joyline & Jeston - are as good as having dozen....quality outweighs quantity, as they brought laurels and goodwill to the parents - in their studies, cultural and other creative fields ...!


In short Joyline, after her studies up to 12th here in Muscat, finished her B.Com from Mt Carmel Bangalore, and now on her way to peruse Management studies, that is MBA in Marketing from St Joseph’s .....and talented Jeston, is now in 12th Standard, aspiring to be an Engineer or may be a doctor soon.....However his passion for music identified may earn him a name in that field too as he learned Guitar and piano.....We wish both of them a great career....!!




There was a saying ‘marriages are surviving because of wives ‘rather my wife always says this, our marriage survives, because of her – otherwise who will live with, rather adjust with you.........? Though, I never admitted, but happy to declare here, it’s really a fact.

Today, I wish to talk little more about my cousin Joyce – than John. By profession she is a qualified Nurse from St Martha’s Bangalore, after couple of years services in Holy Spirit Hospital, Andheri, Mumbai, in 1988 April she arrived here to Muscat to join Ministry of Health – Al Nahda Hospital, later she served at Sohar for a short stint and now for the last 20 years in Khoula Hospital.


Though a professional nurse, basically she is a home maker. Most importantly hers was a nature to support her husband as a true life partner and look after the children as a caring mother. I appreciate her temperament to balance job / home responsibilities, at equal ease. A woman with great substance, never aspired to be in the limelight all alone, but only comfortable in the company of husband and children.


I am sure; much of the credit goes to her for the all round success of John and their children. It is said a ‘happy man at home can only shares happiness outside his home’, it’s truly so in Johns case. He is a jovial person at work place, social circles and amidst friends and companions.



A well qualified graduate in Commerce from prestigious Milagres College Kallianpur way back in 1983, and a holder of post graduate studies Diploma in Management from well known Jamnalal Bajaj Mgmt Institutes, affiliated to University of Mumbai, and now since 27 years working for SRMC, a flagship Company in the leading Shanfari Group of Companies, as ‘Finance Manager’, speaks itself in volumes....!

Leaving academic and professional sides of his personality aside, all of you now know him as ‘MCCP President’ / earlier Member & Treasurer of the Parish pastoral Council during Holy Spirit Church Silver Jubilee, Convenor of Mangalorean Community / office bearer of other pious organisations...as John rightly a part of history of Konkani activities in Oman, for the last one decade or so.... Many of you will be surprised to know a great artist, writer, singer hidden in him. He has penned plays, which were enacted not only at Barkur but also in places like Thottam, Brahmmavar, Sastan etc. in 80’s and 90’s..... And written few beautiful songs too, acted in dramas both at Barkur and Mumbai & this was started at the tender age of just 18......! 



Today, I feel he is a successful as President of MCCP because, he has a leader / organiser in him, since childhood, being the President of AYA, Secretary of CYM, Various posts and positions in SPCYA & SPA Mumbai, stands as testimony to my claim. How far the popular saying,’ behind every successful man, there is a woman’, right is a subject for debate.....but in case of Johns success story, hand and share of Joyce visibly seen for the last 4 decades.....Theirs is a happy family. All siblings in the Gonsalves and Furtado clan, even extended families, share and care for each other. No exaggeration, many of you are in face book / whatsapp group etc. must have witnessed this fact.

I thought of speaking in Konkani, and at the last moment switched over to English, because, I wanted our youngsters must know this inspiring couple little more.....Each one of us are having our own experiences, in their company – Colleagues of MCCP / Mangalorean Association of Ghala Church, our own Barkurians and in the neighbourhood, family members..... – yes John’s brother Ivan and his family is here, their cousin Nirmala & family is here, Joyce sister Veena and her family is here, Her Cousin Sunil and family is here....The Family of FOUR J’S - has earned a priceless goodwill for themselves and your presence with family members and friends are the true witness for this magnanimity.



On behalf of all of you assembled here, whose large smiles say it, while holding this cup of champagne to congratulate Joyce and John and say cheers on their Silver Wedding Day.

 I am sure tomorrow whole day their mobile / internet  will be busy with heavy pour of best wishes from loving octogenarian Mother, Auntie Theresa, brothers  Wilfy, Clarence,  Mark with their families will join the chorus.....Joyce Mother Benny auntie, elder sister Vera, younger brother Norbert,  Jyothy from US, will sure to join us on this happy occasion. Few great men and women, in the families, we lost during this long journey, of 25 years.....but their prayers from heaven always felt.....!

May Almighty Lord Bless you in abundance, may all your dreams be realised, may the divine peace of mind and health of body be yours through-out your life, let the silver turn to Pearl, Ruby, Gold, Diamond, Platinum......and let us hope all of us be witnesses for that all happens, as we all rejoicing now with them this great evening......!



Thank you and once again dear Jubilee couple May God Bless you and your family in abundance.

Before calling a close, Dear John & Joyce, you gave me the greatest honour today, to raise the toast of your Jubilee, as a friend, what better I can expect than this....? Yes, I was part of your wedding 25 years ago.... to be the MC for the reception held at Milagres Tri centenary Hall, Kallianpur and never expected to be here, at this moment on this podium, when you have grown, known and matured to be a great pair.......!!! Surely I will always cherish this occasion for my entire life.....!


P. Archibald Furtado.                  












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