Congratulations : Shanol Janeli Lewis


Shanol Janeli Lewis

On receiving your first holy communion on 08/05/2022 at the Church of St. Peter, Barkur.

With lots of love  wishes and best compliments from,

Serah Joanna, (Sister) Jovita and Sydney Lewis (Parents) Olim and Jyothsna Mendonca (God Parents), Fr. Steevan DSouza, Staney and Gretta Lewis, Barkur (Grandparents ), Joseph and Juliana DSouza, Kota (Grandparents), Shiney and Donson Rebello, Jasmine and Sunny Lewis, Juliana DSouza Mangalore,  Alphonse and Josephine Gonsalves, Jacintha D Almeida, Ophelia and Simon Lobo, James and Jitha Gonsalves, Johny and Veera Gonsalves, Kishore Gonsalves, Diana and Joseph Montero, Louis and Jeneview DSouza, Walter and Benita DSouza, Dorine and Avil Fernanades, Arun and Silvia DSouza, Laveena, Jeevan and Jasmine DSouza, Jackson and Rounita DSouza. 10/05/2022.

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