Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary Nancy n Ivan Gonsalves

Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary

Nancy and Ivan Gonsalves.

19/01/1998 -19/01/2023

Happy 25th Anniversary to both of you! Congratulations on reaching a milestone made of love and trust! Wishing you happiness for the days ahead too! Congratulations on the silver jubilee of your wedding!

With loads of love and wishes from 

Michelle and Max Gonsalves, Mrs. Theresa Gonsalves, Mr & Mrs. Wilfred Gonsalves & fly, Mr & Mrs. Clarence Gonsalves & fly, Mrs. Jacinta Gonsalves & fly, Mr & Mrs. Mark Gonsalves & fly, Mr & Mrs. John Gonsalves & fly, Mrs. Madthin Lobo, Mr & Mrs. Wilson Lobo & fly, Mr & Mrs. Noreen Sequeira & fly, Mr & Mrs. Diana D’Souza & fly, Mr & Mrs. Jyothi D’Souza & fly, Mr & Mrs. Vijay Lobo & fly, Mr & Mrs. Vinod Lobo and fly, Relatives and friends. 19/01/2023.

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