Augustine Arunraj Dais

A silent revolutionary in Physical Education –




It is for quite a long period now, ‘Barkur-on-line Team’ handpicked Mr. Dias to be honored as ‘Personality of the Month’. As every time the credentials increase, awards bestowed and his multiple contributions to sports and education, social work and services in various organizations, back home at Barkur and at Kallianpur dwindle,  it push us back one step, to remind, is it the opportune time….or still great things are yet to come…. involving this versatile son of Barkur?


A man who used to carry the spirit of the child into his mid fifty’s, which means never loosing enthusiasm, is always in the news for the last three decades. In other words, Augustine Arunraj Dias is one man, hardly believes that he grows older, mostly we feel, for him that at a certain age one ‘stands still and stagnates’. No, as a fit man he taught youngsters to be fit, always being one with them, to inspire, motivate and to support  one and all at the famous Milagres College, Kallianpur, remained young not only in spirits but also in physic…. We doubt in these restricted couple of pages, will be able to portray his personality or not….!


Early Life, education and family background:


Worthy son of a worthy father, Arun was born on 6th January, 1953, to Head Master Victor Dias and Celina Pinto originally of Benne Kudru, Barkur, had his primary schooling at Maryknoll Higher Primary School, Barkur. Once he finished PUC in National Junior College, got enrolled at Milagres College Kallianpur to fetch his B.A. degree, from the Mysore University, followed by B.Ed. His in-built liking for sports and games since childhood days prompted him to find a career in this field and passed M.P.Ed. Immediately it was the same alma-mater, Milagres to absorb him as Physical Director in the year 1983. Earlier, for a short stint of five years he served at Bombay, Karnataka High School, Chembur.


His love for native place and dedication to the profession and it must be the better fortune of the youngsters of the surrounding Barkur – Kallainpur; Augustine was back to Milagres College with rejuvenated spirits and additional experience as well as qualification.


As the Founder President of CYM Barkur:


It is said ‘well begun is half done’, the youth of Barkur found an able leader in  Augustine Arunraj to lead the just born CYM – in the year 1976. For that matter to start something new, lacking experience or no role models to copy, is always a difficult task, here Augustine Arunraj  Dias given his best. A number of socio-religious activities were organized; plays enacted, and open stage was built during this time. Nevertheless, he still remembers the support and guidance of the Founder Rev. Fr. Henry D’Souza with gratitude and the collective efforts of talented colleagues of his time.


For his early sacrifices, the following fraternity rightly recognized him and honored during Decennial Year in 1986 and very recently in 2002 during the Silver Jubilee Celebrations. Understand even today, his expertise and advice is always respected in general and in organizing sports events and tournaments in particular by ICYM Barkur.


As the Physical Director of prestigious Milagres College, Kallianpur:


Sports is imposing order on what otherwise is chaos, in a way, College youth and teenagers, full of energy, unless diverted to right channels, at times flow to destruction,  some times that extra leisure time pre-occupies the youngsters with un-healthy books, movies, now-a-days computers, Internet world, mobiles etc. It is a positive environment at the Milagres Campus, a year back, we personally witnessed, under the able patronage of the Management, Principal as well and  more precisely under Director Mr. Dias, has become a place for youth, to train many… resulting in ‘a sound mind in a sound body’ and few to excel in the sports fields. There are better facilities, compared to our days in this beloved alma-mater, like better play ground, instruments and provisions for exercise, body building, gymnasium and marshal arts….. just to name a few…. has become busy even during holidays, and early morning and evening hours.


Under him, the College was a Base Ball Champion for record number of years in the Mysore and later Mangalore University and its students not only represented in various athletic and games tournaments held time to time, but won prizes, trophies and shields etc in Chess, badminton, Power lifting, Volleyball, Cricket and Yoga to bring glory to the Institution and the place. Moreover Coaching Camps in Weight lifting, Kabaddi, Volleyball, Yogasana, Cricket, and Basketball under his initiatives and keen interest were appreciated by all and generous old students, who believed in health is wealth, were always supported his requests in sponsoring events and prizes. (More information may be ascertained by interested by visiting the College web-site)


Our Milagres College is always in the news both academic and sports fields. Apart from arts and commerce it is the only College offering B.Sc. courses, under the Catholic Board of Education in this area, has almost all prerequisites, including all facilities for physical education, under the supervision of Mr. Dias, to be recognized as an autonomous college very shortly.


Awards, recognition and contribution to Sports in the District / State:


Physical education also equally important as literary knowledge and Mr. Dias is able to convey this message to students and citizens. In recognition of his services especially his plans, organization of sports events not only based on the things now, rather focus on what is ideal keeping in mind the future, brought him laurels from all quarters. A very rare personality in Sports and Games never got confused or biased in decision making, no compromise with principles - in other words Arun, seldom mixed feelings with duties!


‘Best Physical Education Teacher Award’ in the 3rd inter – district athletic Meet held at Mangalore in 2003 – 04, Again the same award in the Udupi District Athletic Meet held at Hejamady in 2003 – 04, speaks in volumes. Social organizations such as Rotary Club, Kallianpur, Milagres College Alumni Association, ICYM Barkur etc honored him in public in recent times.


Many fold activities at Barkur – in the Church and society:


Like father like son, Arunraj rightly inherited the better things from his parents and it was a rare thing to see both of them in the Parish Council as active members for a long tenure. Understand he also part and parcel of various sub-committees time to time.


In short about personal life:



Arunraj  a happily married man to Diana lives with his family at Dias Cottage, behind Mary knoll Hr. primary School Barkur and is blessed with four children. The eldest Anishraj John Dias has completed his B.Sc and is also a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and works for Diya Systems in Mangalore. Second Daughter Deepthi Monica Dias is studying in PUC and the twins, Ajay Victor and Akshay Sebastian are studying in 7th Standard.




As I said in the very beginning, this is only a glimpse at Arunraj Dias, in a nutshell, there are lot of events and programmed attributed to his active involvement, and surely many more going to come. He always believed in simplicity and hard work and always approached youth in systematic and scientific way towards their problems that made him popular among his students.


Yes Arunraj, no doubt you are very famous in the area, but it is like vapor, you are a popular figure, but many say popularity is an accident, of course you are a self satisfied and contented man in what is bestowed upon, do remember as in life those cheer you today, may not be same tomorrow, but only thing endure is character, and what’s done honestly for others. Carry on the good work you are doing and Barkur-on-line Team wish you and your family members all the very best, in days to come.


On behalf of Barkur-on-line Team and ICYM Barkur Ex-Members Association,


P.Archibald Furtado, Muscat, 7th May, 2007

Augustine , at a glance







Date of Birth

: 06-01-1953



Name of the College served

: Milagres College, Kallianpur.



Date & Year of entry into service

: 01-08-1983




: Physical Education



Academic Qualification

: B.A., B.Ed., M.P.Ed.




: Physical Education Director, Senior

: Scale




: “Dias Cottage”,

: Hosala Village,

: Barkur – 576210

: Udupi Dist.



Telephone No.

: 0820 – 2587202



Blood Group

: A+ve



Mother Tongue

: Konkani



Membership in Academic bodies

: 1) Mangalore University Sports

Advisory Committee Member.


2) Member, M.U. Physical Edu.

Teachers Association.



Programmes Conducted

: Coaching Camp in Weightlifting,

: Kabaddi, Volleyball, Yogasana,

Athletics, Cricket and Basketball.



Tournaments hosted

: MUIC Chess (Twice) 1998-99, 2005-06

: MUIC Cross Country Race (Twice)

: 1995-96, 2003-04

: MUIC Weightlifting, Powerlifting &

: Best Physique 1999-2000

: MUIC Volleyball 1983-84, 1991-92

: MUIC Table Tennis 1989-90

: MUIC Softball 1988-89

: MUIC Basketball 2006-07



Certificate Course conducted

: Cricket





Input Programmes attended for self improvement

: Refresher Course (Four)

: Workshop in Physiotheraphy and

: Athletics, Volleyball


Seminar attended

: International Conference on Physical

: Education and Sports Science, held at

: KMC, Manipal.

: Worked as Co-Chairperson in ICPESS

: 2006.

: State Level Seminar at Mysore.



Offices of importance held

: 1) Manager, Mangalore University

: Chess Team at Vellore 2005-06

: 2) Cross Country Race Team at

: Kottayam, 2003-04

: 3) Cross Country Race Team at

: Palmpur, 1991-92

: 4) Volleyball (W) Team at Kolhapur

: 1988-89

: 5) Table Tennis (M) Team at Dharwad,

: 1989-90

: 6) Convener, Treasurer, Milagres

College Alumni Association

: 7) Vice President, Brahmavar Sports

: Club, Brahmavar, 2005-06

: 8) Member, Udupi District Amature

: Athletic Association

: 9) M.U. Selection Committee Member –

: T.T., Chess, Volleyball, Cross

: Country Race.



Awards received

: 1) Best Physical Education Teacher

: Award in the 3rd Inter District

: Athletic Meet held at Mangalore

: 2003-04

: 2) Best Physical Education Teacher

: award in the Udupi District Athletic

: Meet, held at Hijamadi 2003-04



Exam Passed

: Karnataka State Athletic Technical

: Official



Honoured by

: Rotary Club, Kallianpur

: Milagres College Alumni Association



Encouragement to Sportspersons-

Scholarships to present sportspersons from past sportspersons

: 1) Since 2002-03, those who represent

: the Mangalore University Team in

: Inter University Competition will

: be given Rs.1000/- each from one of

: our outstanding sportsman who

: represented the M.U. in Best

: Physique

: 2) PUC students who represent the

: Udupi District Team in the State

: Level competition will be given

: Rs.500/- each

: 3) Those who create New Meet Records

: in the Annual Athletic Meet will be

: given Rs.500/- each.

: 4) In 2006-07, Individual Champions

: received Rs.1,000/- each from :

: Melwyn F. Lewis, our old student.



Financial Assistance to our Sportspersons – poor, talented students for higher education (i.e., M.A., M.Sc., M.C.A.) with the help of our past sportspersons who are now in abroad, financial assistance is given.





No. of Sportspersons






10,000/- each




20,000/- each




10,000/- each




5,000/- each



M.A., M.Sc.






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