Dr Barkur Shasthri, Ph.D.

Dr. Barkur Shastry. Ph.D


Dear Barkuronline.com readers:

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Dr. Shastry as our POM, (Personality of the Month.)  To begin with, I must admit that we should have featured him quite long ago.  I did try to contact him, however, my e-mails or messages got lost as unsolicited sales calls, perhaps.  Finally, I kept on calling, repeatedly, which made him lift the receiver!  “I understand what you want, and I get such calls from so many organizations, Kannada or Thulu Kootas, etc.  However, I am not of the type seeking recognition, kudos or awards, nor do I have any time to brag about myself,” was his blunt response!  “Sir, I just typed Barkur on Internet, and about 300 ‘Barkur Shastry’ articles surfaced.  I am proud of your achievements! I have a duty to bring out your achievements to the Barkurian school or college students, so that they can emulate you especially in the field of education and research!”  After some dialogue, I managed to obtain a few facts from him.  The point is, ‘Time is precious to Dr. Shastry, and I am glad I could steal a few minutes of him!

Dr. Shastry was born to Mr. Neelkanth and Indira Shastry of Hanehally, Barkur.  His parents instilled in him the importance of education, and helped him as much as possible within their means.  He completed his SSLC from National High School, Barkur, and he obtained his BSc degree in 1967 from Udupi.  He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Mysore.

Well, his thirst for knowledge did not stop Dr. Shastry upon obtaining his prestigious Ph.D.  He wanted to do his Post Doctorate Degree abroad.  He was selected by the prestigious, where only the brilliant and the best are selected, the Washington University in St. Louis, School of Medicine, in St Louis Missouri, USA.  He reached there in the year 1974, only 31 years ago.  My friends, these 31 years are nothing but achievements, history, and pure joy to Dr. Shastry. He stayed in St. Louis from 1974 to several years, teaching and doing research work.

His next move was to go to the world-renowned Rockefeller University in New York.  Besides teaching he got the opportunity to do research work on his dear to heart subject, “Inherited Blinding Eye Disorders –Retinopathy”

He has 108 research papers, all peer reviewed, published in reputed Medical journals, to his credit.

He has authored dozens of book Chapters, used in Colleges and Universities, referenced multiple times.

He has several written and articles upon invitation, known as ‘Invited articles/chapters’, a unique prestige happens to only the world-renowned research scholars, teachers, and scientists, like Dr. Shastry.

He has been in the grant review committee on NIH for several years.

He has received several International awards and recognitions, one from Bogota for his ophthalmic research works.

Dr. Shastry shows respect and gratitude to his colleagues for his achievements.  He was and is surrounded by Nobel Prize winner  laureates, both at St. Louis and at Rockefeller University.  A man is known by the company he keeps.  Hence, a Nobel Prize for Dr. Shastry could be my wish for him.

Presently, Dr. Shastry is a full-fledged tenure track professor. Besides teaching Biological courses for a living, he is fully engrossed in eye research, guiding several students to complete their Ph.D. degrees, at OAKLAND University, Michigan.

DR. Shastry is married and has two children.  The daughter is an MD, practicing medicine comfortably, while helping the less affordable patients.  They have a son who is an engineer and with a Ph.D as well, working for NASA, where the best of brains work!

Dr. Shastry feels, he has had a satisfied life.  He does not want to mention any hardships at all. (Not a single negative word, I could get out him.) A professional of high caliber indeed. He is all in praise for the education and motivation he got from Barkur high school and the teachers, especially to P.N.Boja Rao, for opening the windows to the vast world full of knowledge out there.

Dr. Shastry is very shy in telling me about his contribution to Barkur.  He has donated hundreds of dollars to many a deserving families, friends, organizations, schools, families, places of worship, etc., both in India, Barkur and abroad.

His advise to students:  “Education is the window to the world.  Possess it, share it, and enjoy it.  All the rest will follow you automatically.”

Barkuronline is proud to present Dr. Shastry to our readers. We wish him further success thus many a Barkurians may benefit out of his brilliant mind, hard work, and open charity.

(There are quite a few gaps or lapses in the continuity of the article.  We tried to fill in blanks.  Sometimes the efforts count! (If I don’t pat my shoulder, why should others?)

James Fernandes, USA.

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