Dr Niranjan Rao BAMS, MD

DR. NIRANJAN RAO, BAMS, M.D. (Ayu) -  GAU, Jamnagar.


It is always remained not only our desire but also earnest effort to present, consistently one Barkurian as 'Personality of the Month'. The team short listed a dozen deserved men and women, but most of these great men / women hesitant, rather so humble, feel they hardly deserve such recognition / publicity. It become very difficult to extract primary data from these people, hence Host of this site find it difficult to keep these widely read web pages vibrant and live. To-days world crave for name and fame but we the Barkurian's shy away from any sort of propaganda for themselves!

We would like to make a point here, it is not for the sake of these outstanding people we honor them, but with a larger objective to know our own people, their special achievements and contribution to the society and thereby to be role model and inspiration to the coming generation. It is said great things are not done by impulse but by a series of small things brought together.



Kindly read about DR. NIRANJAN RAO, BAMS, and M.D.  A man allergic to any sort of  recognition, but feel he his doing his bit in the field of Education and Health care. The person with an outstanding academic excellence, both in bachelor and Masters Degree level with First Rank with gold medal and rightly grabbing all cash prizes at the University level. He stood First in All India level Entrance Examination in Jam Nagar, IPGT&RA - Gujarat Ayurvedic University.The above few lines speak in volumes of Dr. Niranjan's Intellect and passion for knowledge and dedication.


Born as a proud son of B.Ananda Rama Rao and S Vasanthi Rao, on 24th November 1970, Dr. Niranjan is having a sister Nirupama Upadyaya, who married to Dr. Radhakrishna Upadyaya, and a Brother Subramanya Chethan Rao. Happily married to Dr. Anupama an equally brilliant woman, they are blessed with two cute sons - Tapav and Anshuman, residing at Vagdevi, near Barkur Main Post Office, Kalchapra.


A man cultivated special liking for teaching at present serving as Assistant Professor, Department of Panchakarma, SDM College of Ayurveda and Hospital, Udyavar, near Udupi.


At present he is working on diseases of: Neurology, Rheumatology, Sexual dysfunction ,Infertility ,Degenerative disorders , Dermatology ,Gastroenterology, Geriatrics and rejuvenation therapy.


Dr. Niranjan's name is very familiar in Ayurvedic Medical circles as he presented various research papers and essays in National and International seminars conducted at various places in India especially in Neurology, Rheumatology etc. At present he is also a Guide for MD students going for higher studies in Panchakarma.


Professor Dr. Niranjan also cultivated special likings for Hindustani Music and knows Flute. Apart from Music he had special taste for Philosophy, Indian History and Gazals. It is very interesting to note here that he is actively involved in 'Folklore - Medicine' research.


Let us conclude this small write-up with hopes of reading little more about Ayurvedic Treatment for common ailments through Dr. Niranjan's pen in days to come. No doubt, in the words of Jonathan Swift of Gulliver's Travel's fame - ' the best doctors in the world are Doctor Diet, Doctor Quiet and Doctor Merry men' yes a Doctor who preaches this to fellow learners and prescribe to the patients is surely Great, all the best Dr. Niranjan and Family.


-P.Archibald Furtado, Muscat


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