Annual Festivities at Sri Brahmalinga Veerabhadra Sri Durga Parameshwari Temple

News n visuals : Anand Kumar Barkur

On February 20, 2024, the Sri Brahmalinga Veerabhadra Sri Durga Parameshwari Temple in Nayar Bettu, Barkur hosted its annual celebration with fervor and devotion. The day commenced with various rituals and ceremonies conducted by renowned priests, Sri Ramesh Bhat Nayak and his team, including group prayers, homa ceremonies, and kalasha abhisheka mahapuja, led by Mrs. Yashoda and Mr. B. Srinivas Shettigar. The temple resonated with melodious bhajans by the Sri Chandika Durga Parameshwari Bhajana Mandali, captivating devotees and creating an atmosphere of spiritual bliss.

Notable figures such as Dr. Jayaram Shettigar, the administrative trustee, and Mr. B. Srinivas Shettigar, Chairman of the Development Committee, graced the occasion with their presence. They shed light on the temple's developmental projects, including the construction of a community hall and plans for the upcoming Brahmakalashotsava in 2024-25. Dr. Jayaram Shettigar, who has served as the administrative trustee in the past, shared insights into the temple's progress and outlined future endeavors aimed at enhancing its facilities and services.

The day's events included special rituals such as the Maha Ganapati puja, Naga puja, and various sevas dedicated to the deities. Additionally, a grand assembly honored individuals who contributed to the temple's growth and cultural activities. The day culminated with a special puja and prasad distribution at the Kumkumarchane for the temple's divine entourage, marking the conclusion of a day filled with spirituality and community celebration.

The temple committee expressed gratitude to all devotees and supporters for their unwavering devotion and assistance in making the annual festivities a resounding success.

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