Barkur Rathothsava, you are invited

-Anand Kumar Barkur 

Celebrations are set to grace the sacred grounds of Barkur, home to the renowned Panchalingeshwara Temple, as the grand Rathothsava of Lord Panchalingeshwara approaches on April 14, 2024, coinciding with Sunday. This auspicious occasion marks the pinnacle of devotion and festivity for devotees of the temple.

The festivities kick off on April 8, 2024, with the hoisting of the flag signaling the commencement of preparations for the grand event. On the same day, the idol of Lord Panchalingeshwara will be brought from Moodukeri Sri Someshwara Temple and installed, with various rituals continuing until April 13, 2024, inclusive of city processions and ceremonial offerings.

April 13, 2024, sees the city procession from Moodukeri Sri Someshwara Temple, featuring the mesmerizing Chande Vadana and an alluring display of martial arts known as Thaleem, from the Veer Maruthi Vyayama Shala of Barkur. The evening will be enriched with cultural programs, including Yakshagana performances by acclaimed artists.

As the anticipation builds, April 14, 2024, heralds the majestic Manmarathotsava, accompanied by traditional rituals and fervent devotional activities. The following day, April 16, 2024, marks the conclusion of the festivities with the Churnothsava, Okuli Seve, and sacred ablutions for Lord Mahalingeshwara at the Chaulikeri Temple.

The pre-event proceedings are meticulously organized by a dedicated committee comprising local dignitaries and community leaders. Their concerted efforts aim to ensure the smooth conduct of the religious and cultural programs, inviting the active participation of devotees and patrons alike.

The organizers extend their heartfelt appeal to devotees and well-wishers to contribute generously towards the success of the event. Contributions can be made through online transfers or by visiting the Canara Bank branch in Barkur. Detailed information regarding donations and contact details for inquiries are provided for the convenience of donors.

A/c no: 01182200007223

Canara Bank, Barkur Branch 

IFSC code No:CNRB0010118

For further information feel free to call  00919880075524As the date draws nearer, excitement mounts in anticipation of the divine festivities set to unfold at the sacred precincts of the Panchalingeshwara Temple in Barkur. It's a time of reverence, celebration, and spiritual renewal, fostering a sense of unity and devotion among devotees from near and far.

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