Barkurian’s Patron Apostle St. Peter’s Titular Feast & St.Peter’s Association (Barkur) Mumbai Konkani Kantar Fiesta -2020

Barkurian’s Patron Apostle St. Peter’s Titular Feast & St.Peter’s Association (Barkur) Mumbai Konkani Kantar Fiesta -2020.

-P.Archibald Furtado

St. Peter’s Association Barkur – Mumbai, an umbrella organization of Barkurians settled in Mumbai and suburbs. In brief, it has its roots since 1937, a home away from home, was known to support economically poor in the local Barkur parish, various educational institutions, other projects….. which was very active till 60’s. Among others, the exodus of youngsters in large numbers to Arabian Gulf countries, forced the organizers to keep a low profile for couple of decades. The Ex-CYM Members of Barkur, reactivated the native spirit by forming St. Peters Catholic Youth Association Barkur – Mumbai, in the year 1985 under the able shoulders of veteran Lawrence A. Sequeira as its founder President. Within a short time, the activities, concerns as well as vision of SPCYA, prompted elders to join their hands to form the present St. Peter’s Association on 17th April, 1988. Since then no looking back, but 32 great and colourful years of social work, public utility services, a helping hand to poor and deserving students and educational Institutions……

One important area where SPA established its foot prints in Mumbai is by presenting every year Konkani Cultural events in the form of Drama, various Musical Nites of renowned artists, in October / November, especially during Diwali Holidays, in one of the best auditoriums in the city, always a houseful show, well recognized and appreciated by people and press…..

Second yearly event was to celebrate Patron St. Peter, the Apostle’s Feast, normally following Sunday after Titular Feast on 29th June every year, a much sought after event a Get together of all Barkurians in Mumbai. Unfortunately, this year, the situation is not conducive to have any such gatherings, hence the SPA Executive Committee thought of a novel plan to keep the festive spirit intact. 

On Sunday, 28th June, 2020, a grand High Mass was offered in the renovated Church of Patron St. Peter in Barkur at 6.00 p.m. The grand Thanks giving Mass was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Reginald Pinto, (Former Assistant Priest) presently the Director SAMPADA, Diocese of Udupi, with Parish Priest of Barkur, Rev. Fr. Philip Neri Aranha, and guest priest Rev. Fr. John Walter Mendonca, Vicar of St. St. Anthony Church, Sastan and SPA has made elaborate arrangements to live stream for public viewing, in their You Tube Channel as well as Face book pages. Team Barkuronline also happy and proud to join them and live streamed the Mass for the convenience of faithful spread over the globe.

Fr. Reginald Pinto, known for his homilies, in the Diocese stressed, ‘without crossing the worst situations no one can touch the best corners of life....have the spirit of understanding everything in a positive way whether it is pressure of Covid 19 or pleasure of Patrons Feast…!’ He also highlighted the life of Apostle – his weakness and strengths, the values he stood for…and the courage he demonstrated in leading the early Church…while continuing he narrated that, ‘the change in life is essential, whether it is sudden or long evolutionary process, we must be prepared for what Lord expecting from us, utilizing the talents within us….’

In the beginning, Vicar Rev. Fr. PN Aranha, in his emotionally packed message, conveyed festal compliments to all parishioners, Barkurians living every nook and corner of the planet… and specially expressed his gratitude to ‘St. Peters Association Barkur – Mumbai’, for taking initiative to arrange the festal Mass live and the cultural event ‘SPA Fiesta 2020’ in two parts….He also cautioned ‘all to be safe, calm and keep their hopes in heart…St Peter our Lords intimate companion is with us, as our Patron, while we passing through these difficult times….’

As usual, the choir was led by Eric Soans to its perfection, with best selected hymns for the occasion, couple of them composed by him. As the Church was well decorated to witness the titular feast, in line with restrictions imposed by authorities, only the Pastoral council members were allowed to participate physically…..

To continue with the festive mood, during these testing time, ‘SPA Kantar Fiesta – 2020’, a totally new concept conceived by SPA team, under its President Ivon Rebello & Gen. Secretary Eric L. Carvalho, to entertain globally the Konkani Music lovers through YouTube live presentation of Songs / dance / Music in two parts, first on 28th June at 8.00 pm and concluding second part on coming Sunday, 5th July, 2020.

Kiran Carvalho

In brief about the SPA Kantar 2020:

It’s a live Musical Nite, conceptualized and brilliantly excecuted by Kiran Carvalho (Barkur) Mumbai was  not performed on single stage or in an auditorium, but various singers performing live from their own place and SPA YouTube Channel, arranged to consolidate and present all these performances one by one at one stretch. As you watched them on 29th June evening, the singers are from Barkur, Brahmavar, Mumbai, Goa, Gujarat, Africa, UAE – Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and so on and so forth….

We leave it to you all to comment live in the space provided and invite in advance to watch us live next Sunday, 5th July 2020 at 8.00 PM.

The organizers remain grateful to:

Main Mass Celebrants: Rev. Fr. Reginald Pinto, Director – SAMPADA Diocese of Udupi

Guest Priest Rev. Fr. John Walter Mendonca, Vicar of St. Anthony Church, Sastan

Rev. Fr. Philip Neri Aranha, Parish Priest, St. Peter's church, Barkur

Festal Grand Mass - Choirs:

Eric Soans, Praveen Carvalho, Naveen Dias, Franklin Fernandes, Dixon Fernandes & Kevon Pais, Barkur,  

SPA Kantar Fiesta 2020 - Singers:

Eric Soans, Barkur, Pravin Carvalho, Barkur, Franklin Fernandes, Barkur, Janice Fernandes, Barkur,

Kishoo Barkur, Abu Dhabi, Morvine Quadras, Barkur, Kuwait, Pramila Mendonca, Mozambique, 

Melona Saldanha, Mangalore, Samantha Travasso, Mumbai, Rohitha Saldanha, Mumbai, 

Aubrey D'Souza, Mumbai, Eric Carvalho, Mumbai, Evita Mendonca, Vapi, Joseph Gracias, Mumbai, 

Osvin Rebello, Mumbai, Oscar Fernandes, Mumbai, Edrian Mendonca, Vapi, Elisha Mendonca, Vapi, 

Nerissa Britto, Mumbai, Oscar Noronha, Mumbai, Joel Travasso, Mumbai, Esmeralda Fernandes, Mumbai, Carol D'Souza, Qatar, Gordon & Sylvina, Mumbai, Dielle Braganza & Raynah Braganza, Mumbai, Karen Vaswani, Mumbai & Priya D'Silva, Mumbai

Special Guests for the SPA Festal Celebrations:

Re. Fr. Philip Neri Aranha, Parish Priest, St. Peter's church, Barkur

Felix Barnes, Former President SPA Barkur - Mumbai

Richard Carvalho, Former President SPA Barkur - Mumbai

Boniface Sequeira, Former President – SPA Barkur - Mumbai

Archibald Furtado, Founder Secretary SPA Barkur – Mumbai. (Kallianpur)

Vincent D'Almeida, Former Secretary SPA Barkur – Mumbai, (USA)

Cultural Programme - Hosts:

Osvin Rebello, Mumbai, Jessica Banz Almeida, Brahmavara, Franklin Fernandes, Barkur &

Janice Fernandes, Barkur

Special Thanks to:

Herald D'Souza, Vice President and Parish Council members of St. Peter's church, Barkur

The Host, Barkuronline Team, Kishore Gonsalves & their team.

Technical support:

Kiran Carvalho, Mumbai (Concept and Execution)

Dylan D'Souza, Mumbai (Chief Programme Editor)

Video Recording:

David Cardoza, Barkur


Alwyn Andrade, Mayura Studio, Barkur, Brahmavara for team barkuronline.com

Media Partners

Barkuronline, Daijiworld, Kemmannu.com & Kishoo Barkur

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