Barkurians in UAE Celebrate St. Peter's Feast with Vibrant Gathering.

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The Barkur community residing in the UAE came together in a spirited celebration of their patron saint, St. Peter, mirroring similar festivities held by their counterparts in Mumbai and Bengaluru. The event saw approximately 50 Barkurians converge at the residence of Shannon, Thelma and Walter Almeida, transforming the space into a hub of cultural celebration and community bonding.

Thelma Almeida, serving as the Leader of the EB, commenced the gathering with a warm welcome address, setting a tone of inclusivity and warmth for the event. The celebration took on a solemn note as Terence Lewis led a heartfelt prayer service honoring St. Peter, reinforcing the community's spiritual connections to their roots.

In a poignant moment of remembrance, the assembly paid rich tributes to two recently departed clergymen, Rev. Fr. Valerian Mendonca and Rev. Fr. Patrick Crasta. This gesture highlighted the community's deep respect for their spiritual leaders and their commitment to honoring their legacy.

The event then transitioned into a more jubilant atmosphere, with Vera Corneille taking charge of the entertainment segment. She orchestrated a diverse array of games and fun activities, ensuring participation from all age groups - children, youth, and couples alike. This inclusive approach to entertainment kept the attendees engaged throughout the program, fostering a sense of unity and shared enjoyment. Patson D'Almeida rendered soulful songs for the listening pleasure of the crowd.

Sharmila Lewis skillfully conducted the proceedings, maintaining a smooth flow of events. A highlight of the gathering was the popular Housie Housie game, expertly managed by the dynamic duo of Lisa Andrade and Strelisha Lewis, adding an element of excitement and friendly competition to the festivities.

No celebration is complete without good food, and the Barkurians in UAE didn't disappoint. Attendees relished a variety of snacks and a sumptuous lunch, providing an opportunity for informal interactions and strengthening community bonds over shared cuisine.

The success of the event was attributed to the collaborative efforts of several community members. Alongside the gracious hosts, Shannon ,Thelma and Walter Almeida, key organizers included Allen Crasta, Sharmila and Terence Lewis, Vera Corneille, Arun Kishore Andrade and Anish Dais,  who lent their wholehearted support to ensure the smooth execution of the gathering.

As the celebration drew to a close, Allen Crasta extended heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to the event's success. In a significant development for the community, a new young team was selected to lead the Executive Body. This passing of the baton to the younger generation marks a new chapter for the Barkurians in UAE. The newly formed team, led by Peter Menezes and supported by Lisa Andrade, Michelle D'Almeida, Patson D'Almeida, and Allen Crasta represents an infusion of fresh ideas and energy into the community leadership.

This celebration of St. Peter's feast in UAE not only served as a testament to the Barkur community's ability to maintain their cultural traditions in a foreign land but also highlighted their adaptability and forward-thinking approach. By bringing together multiple generations and fostering leadership among the youth, the Barkurians demonstrated their commitment to preserving their heritage while embracing the future.

As the community in UAE continues to grow and evolve, events like these play a crucial role in maintaining cultural ties, strengthening social bonds, and ensuring the continuity of traditions for generations to come. The success of this gathering sets a positive tone for future community initiatives under the leadership of the newly appointed young executive team.

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