Blood Donation Camp Held at National ITI Barkur in Collaboration with Barkur Lions Club and Indian Red Cross Society

News: Anand Kumar Barkur, Pics: Vishwas, Barkur

In a noble endeavor to contribute to the community, a blood donation camp was organized at the premises of National Industrial Training Institute (ITI) Barkur, in collaboration with Barkur Lions Club and the Indian Red Cross Society. The event, held with the generous support of various dignitaries, aimed to address the constant need for blood donations to save lives.

The inauguration ceremony of the blood donation camp was graced by Lion Girija T Shivaram Shetty, the esteemed Chairperson of Region 1. Among the distinguished guests present were Jayalaxmi N Amin, the Region Secretary, Sudhakar Hegde, the Zone Chairman, Lion B Seetharam Shetty, Chairman of Red Cross Kundapur, S Jayakar Shetty, Secretary of Red Cross Kundapur, as well as Praveen Shetty and Shrinivas Shetty, President and Secretary respectively of Barkur Lions Club. Additionally, the event saw the participation of Venkatesh Kramadhary, the Principal of National ITI Barkur, and Ramachandra Kamath, the Correspondent.

The blood donation camp served as a platform for individuals to contribute towards the noble cause of saving lives. Donors from various walks of life came forward to generously donate blood, demonstrating their altruism and compassion towards those in need. The collaborative effort between National ITI Barkur, Barkur Lions Club, and the Indian Red Cross Society exemplifies the power of community partnership in addressing societal needs and promoting humanitarian values.

Speaking at the inauguration, Lion Girija T Shivaram Shetty emphasized the importance of such initiatives in fostering a culture of giving back to society. He commended the organizers for their dedication and commitment to organizing the blood donation camp, which plays a crucial role in replenishing blood banks and ensuring timely access to blood for medical emergencies.

The successful execution of the blood donation camp underscores the spirit of unity and compassion that exists within the community. It reflects a collective commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others and reinforces the values of empathy and solidarity. Such initiatives not only save lives but also inspire others to come forward and contribute towards building a more compassionate and caring society.

As the event concluded, participants and organizers alike expressed their gratitude to all those who contributed to the success of the blood donation camp. Their collective efforts serve as a testament to the profound impact that can be achieved when individuals and organizations unite for a common cause. Moving forward, it is hoped that such initiatives will continue to flourish, leaving a lasting legacy of goodwill and humanitarianism in the community.

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