Emirates Barkurians - Monthi Festh 2013

With immense pleasure,

President and Committee members of


 Emirates Barkurians


take this opportunity to invite you to celebrate

Monthi Festh 2013



(Feast of nativity, on Friday 13th September 2013, from 11 am to 4 pm.)

Emirates Airlines Residential Bldg., Al Ghusais, Behind Madina Mall,

Next to Oxford International School, C Block

and planned the event with dance, songs, skits and games to be topped up with a traditional festive lunch.

Please do join us to celebrate our unity and be the part of the celebration to showcase the true Barkurian spirit of fun and frolic.

P.S. added attraction to be:- each ward of barkur to have a special item; in any form such as group dance, singing, skits or mimic...

(to be intimated to the concerned before hand)

 Contact details:-

Herbert Menezes 050-5531524 habbubarkur@gmail.com
Walter D Almeida 050-8134161 walts@eim.ae
Veera Monteiro 055-7166777 veracrow@hotmail.com
Robin D Souza 050-8950754 robindsouza@hotmail.com
Allen Crasta 050-3750189 allen@bpgmaxus.com
Kishore Gonsalves 050-6821842 kishoos@yahoo.com


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