Emotional Farewell Marks Departure of Class X Students from National High School, Barkur

-Prof. P.Archibald Furtado

In a poignant ceremony brimming with nostalgia and anticipation, the National High School in Barkur bid adieus to its Class X students. The event, infused with a sense of warmth and camaraderie, was presided over by the esteemed Headmistress, Mrs. Hemavathi PS, and commenced promptly at 2:15 pm. The atmosphere was set ablaze with reverence as the School Choir commenced proceedings with a soul-stirring prayer hymn.

What made this event truly special was the active involvement of the younger students from Class VIII and Class I, who meticulously planned and presented the entire program. It was a testament to the unity and spirit of the school community.

The departing Class X students took a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about their journey spanning 3 to 10 years within the hallowed grounds of the National Campus. They expressed heartfelt gratitude to their teachers for not only accepting them as they are but also for nurturing them as their own. In return, the junior students extended their best wishes to their seniors, encouraging them to excel in their forthcoming exams and future endeavors.

Mr. Archibald Furtado, Administrator of the National Education Institute, speaking on behalf of the Management and The Barkur Educational Society, extended heartfelt thanks to Headmistress Mrs. Hemavathi PS and her dedicated staff for their unwavering commitment to imparting quality education to SSLC students. He emphasized the importance of not only preparing students for academic challenges but also equipping them with the skills needed to navigate through life's myriad pathways. He wished the departing batch resounding success in bringing honor and prestige to their Alma Mater.

As a token of their affection and concern, the Batch of 2023–24 presented a thoughtful gift to the High School. In her response, HM Mrs. Hemavathi PS expressed gratitude to the students and affirmed her belief in their potential, expecting nothing less than a 100% pass rate with distinctions and First Classes.

The event also provided an opportunity for the teachers to impart their wisdom and share invaluable tips to help the students excel in their exams. Mr. Udaya Shetty, HM of the National Primary School, joined in extending his best wishes to the outgoing batch, underscoring the collective support and encouragement that permeates the ethos of the National educational community.

In essence, the farewell ceremony at National High School, Barkur, was not just a farewell, but a celebration of the bonds forged, the memories shared, and the bright futures awaiting the departing Class X students as they embark on the next chapter of their lives.

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