"Gabbar Singh," a Tulu Movie, A Barkurian venture,to Hit Screens in December, Sensation Builds Around the Release.

"Gabbar Singh," the much-anticipated Tulu language film, has completed its post-production and has been sent to the censor board for certification, according to the film's producer, Satish Poojari, from Barkur.

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Produced by Muttu Gopal Films, Barkur, the shooting for "Gabbar Singh" was carried out in stages across regions like Surathkal, Chitrapur, and Bajpe. Noted actor Sharan Shetty plays the lead role, while Vencita portrays the female lead. Sharan Shetty's character as a fearless officer, striving to restore peace in society amidst turmoil, has already captured the audience's curiosity.

"Gabbar Singh" is an action-packed thriller with family-oriented elements. It is slated to release in December and is expected to make a mark in the Tulu film industry. The film has been directed by Pradeep Baikadi, who has also penned the screenplay in collaboration with Madhu Surathkal.

The main cast includes Navin D Padil, Aravind Bolar, Bhojaraj Vamanjur, Prasanna Shetty Bailur, Umesha Mijar, Raviram Kunj, Girish M. Shetty Katil, Prajwal Prakash, Udaya Alva Idya, Shashi Bellare, Chandrahasa Shetty Mani, Sampath Lobo, Asha Shetty Shivarooru, Bhavya Shetty, Lahari Shetty Padre, Veena Shetty, Shilpa Shetty, Santosh M, and others. Cinematography is handled by Ravi Suvarna, editing by Prajwal Suvarna, music composed by Dolvin Kolalgiri, action choreographed by Ultimate Shiv and dance choreography by Avinash Bangera and Shubhakiran Mani.

The movie has been co-produced by Shashiraj Kavooru.  Prashanth C.K., Arun Lewis, and Umesha Mijar have penned the lyrics of the songs.

"Gabbar Singh" promises to deliver a unique and engaging storyline, coupled with brilliant humor, leaving the audience thoroughly entertained. The film is set to hit theaters in Karavali districts in December, generating excitement among Tulu cinema enthusiasts, as informed by the director, Satish Poojari, from Barkur.

As the release date approaches, fans are eagerly waiting to witness the magic of "Gabbar Singh" unfold on the big screen, and the entire team is anticipating a warm reception from the audience.

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