Ganeshothsava Celebrations begin in Barkur

This is the time in year when festivities takeover every corner of Barkur. This is the festival of Lord Ganapathi, popularly called Ganesh Chathurthi or Ganeshothsava. Like always Lord Ganapathi has arrived in Barkur with all his majesty and glory. Barkurians are all geared up for the celebrations that begin today.

Traditional ‘Saarvajanika Ganeshothsava Celebrations’, are true attraction of this festival. People come together and celebrate the festival by having ‘Ganapathi Vigraha Prathistapane’ done on the first day and celebrations end by ‘Ganapathi Vigraha Visarjane’ on the last day. Every association that conduct these celebrations, has its own fixed number of days of celebrations and various cultural and other programmes are being arranged to celebrate each day.


There are five popular ‘Saarvajanika Ganeshothsava Associations’.

•    Patthabhi Ramachandra Devasthana Samithi, Barkur.
•    Shri Maarikamba Saarvajanika Shri Ganeshothsava Samithi, Hanehalli.
•    Athula Yuvaka Sangha Ganeshothsava Samithi, Heradi.
•    Shettigaar Industries Saarvajanika Ganeshothsava Samithi, Rangankere.
 •    Saarvajanika Ganeshothsava Samithi, Bennekudru.


www.barkuronline.com will try to bring you the whole coverage of these public celebrations of the festival. Below are the pictures of ‘Ganapathi Vigraha Prathistapane’ in these five places.


Patthabhi Ramachandra Devasthana Samithi, Barkur

49th Year Shri Ganeshothsava Celebrations






Athula Yuvaka Sangha Ganeshothsava Samithi, Heradi

26th Year Shri Ganeshothsava Celebrations




Shettigaar Industries Saarvajanika Ganeshothsava Samithi, Rangankere.

11th Year Shri Ganeshothsava Celebrations






Shri Maarikamba Saarvajanika Shri Ganeshothsava Samithi, Hanehalli

10th Year Shri Ganeshothsava Celebrations




Saarvajanika Ganeshothsava Samithi, Bennekudru

4th Year Shri Ganeshothsava Celebrations







Wish you all a blessed festival of Lord Ganpathi, on behalf of the whole team of www.barkuronline.com

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