Health Promotion by Sthree Sanghatan at Barkur

-News n Pics Irene Pais

St. Peter Church Barkur's Sauharda Sthrisanghatan unit organized a health promotion event for women aged above 50 years today. The event was held in the Church mini hall at 4:30 PM and was attended by a large number of ladies.

The event was kicked off by the President of the organization, Mrs. Laveena, who welcomed the attendees. The program was hosted by the Parish priest, Rev. Fr. Ronald Meranda, who discussed various aspects of health and wellness.

The discussion revolved around caring for one's health and body, loving one's day-to-day work, and how mental disorders can lead to 90% of illnesses. The attendees were also educated about managing their blood pressure, sugar levels, and steps to be taken to avoid such conditions.

The discussion then moved on to various ways to maintain a healthy body, including exercising regularly, managing carbs, eating more fibre, drinking plenty of water, eating moderately, managing stress, getting enough sleep, and eating food rich in chromium and magnesium. Attendees were also advised to include plenty of fruits in their breakfast and to maintain meal times, with an early dinner being recommended.

The event concluded with a thanksgiving by the Secretary of the organization, Mrs. Irene Pais. The event was a great success and was well received by all attendees who appreciated the valuable insights provided by the speakers.

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