Heavy Rains.....No Floods..!!!!

'Usually', 'Certainly' are the words we tend to use when we are 100% sure of something. Some incidents 'usually' occur..some events 'Certainly' happen.. Being Barkurians, for us 'Floods' are such incidents. 'Rainy season without floods' is something we are not used to listen or witness. We here at www.barkuonline.com, have posted more than one report on the occurrence of floods at Barkur every year. But this year we have not been able to do so, as 'Sadly' there hasn't been any proper flood at Barkur during this rainy season.

Geographically, Barkur is such a place where we cannot expect this kind of a situation. Over the years Barkurians have witnessed all kinds of floods. The small ones, the big ones, the once in 10-15 years largest ones etc. People have managed to hold Cermonies like Funerals to Weddings, by rowing the boat all the way on the flood waters. I myself, have seen floods on my doorstep, inching to enter my house. People at my 'Kudru' have survived close to a week long floods with electricity breakdown, having to row the boat for 3 - 4 kms through the coconut trees and fields to get the food materials.

Floods being, one of the horrifying incidents in general, we Barkurians still have always enjoyed them till it reached to a level of danger. You never see the people of Kudru migrating to the safer places during floods. To this extent floods have become 'usual' to us. But this year there were hardly any incidents of overflow in river Sita. During this rainy season Barkur and many other places recorded one of the highest Rainfalls of recent times. The monsoon began during the last week of May and for next three months i.e till the month of August, we literally didn't see the Sun shining at its maximum glory. Yet we didn't come across any incidents of floods.

The reason for this development could be the drastic decrease in the wind. Lack of winds made the clouds to form and shower in lower areas itself. Barkur being a lower area, didn't receive heavy flow of water from the higher regions. This is why, regardless of witnessing one of the highest downpours in recent times there weren't any proper floods at Barkur.


But, at the same place, for the kind of showers we had, if it was accompanied by the heavy winds, then it might have horrified the people, particularly in Kudrus. So we need to be thankful to the 'Nature' for maintaining the balance.


So this year we may have to manage with the picture albums of previous years floods.


Picture Album 1

Picture Album 2

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