Historic Maryknoll Higher Primary School, Barkur Appeals to Former Students for Support

-Prof.Peter Archibald Furtado 

Hosala - Barkur: In a bid to preserve its rich legacy and uphold its commitment to providing quality education to economically disadvantaged students, Maryknoll Higher Primary School (MHPS), fondly known as Egargi Shale, beckons upon its former students to rally behind it in its hour of need.

Established in 1940 under the guidance of the visionary priest, Rev Fr Marian Castelino, MHPS embarked on a journey of educational excellence with a single teacher, Ms Stephanie Gonsalves. Over the past 85 years, it has served as a beacon of hope for three to four generations, nurturing young minds and fostering holistic development. The school has proudly celebrated milestones such as its Silver, Golden, Ruby, and Platinum Jubilees in 2015.

However, amidst the evolving landscape of education, Kannada Medium Primary and High Schools like MHPS face formidable challenges in competing with English medium institutions. Recognizing the importance of English in the contemporary educational milieu, the school acknowledges the need for adaptation while cherishing the rich heritage of vernacular languages.

In a pivotal meeting held on March 18, 2024, the Parish Priest of St Peter Church and Manager & Correspondent of MHPS, Rev. Fr Ronald Miranda, convened a gathering comprising Parent Teachers, old students, and the School Management Committee. Addressing the assembly, Fr. Miranda highlighted the pressing need for collective action to secure the future of MHPS amidst prevailing constraints.

Expressing gratitude to past donors, benefactors, parents, and teachers for their unwavering support, Fr. Miranda underscored the indispensable role of former students and generous benefactors in ensuring the school's sustainability. He emphasized MHPS's commitment to providing quality education to economically disadvantaged students without discrimination based on caste, creed, or religion.

In a unanimous decision, the attendees resolved to reestablish the Senior or Old Students Association to galvanize support for the school. Mr. Karamchand Sequeira, Chairman of Mother Mary Charitable Trust, Bangalore, was appointed as the Honorary President, while Mr. Boniface Sequeira and Mr. Archibald Furtado assumed the roles of President and Secretary, respectively.

Speaking on behalf of the Parent Teachers Association, Mr. Rama Poojary pledged full cooperation in the school's endeavors. Fr. Miranda concluded the meeting with optimism, assuring stakeholders of MHPS's continued dedication to providing value-based education.

As MHPS prepares for its upcoming Annual Day in November/December 2024, it extends a heartfelt appeal to former students and well-wishers to join hands in nurturing the next generation of leaders and changemakers.

In a closing gesture of gratitude, HM Mrs. Joyce Vandan DSa extended a vote of thanks to all participants, reaffirming the school's commitment to its mission.

MHPS stands at a critical juncture in its illustrious history, and the support of its alumni is indispensable in safeguarding its legacy and shaping a brighter future for generations to come. Former students are urged to heed this call and contribute their time, resources, and expertise towards preserving the cherished institution of Maryknoll Higher Primary School.

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