ICYM Barkur Organizes Entertaining Games for the Women in the Parish

-News n Pics Rishon Barnes, Barkur

Barkur, - In a delightful gathering organized by the ICYM (Indian Catholic Youth Movement) of Barkur, the women of St. Peter Church were treated to an evening filled with joy, camaraderie, and games. The event, attended by a total of 25 women, as well as 15 ICYM members, brought together a diverse group of individuals in the spirit of fun and community.

The evening commenced with a warm welcome by Jasmine D'Souza, setting the tone for the lively activities that would follow. Siya D'Silva, the master of ceremonies for the entire program, was quick to engage the participants with an ice-breaking session, ensuring that everyone felt comfortable and at ease.

The main attraction of the event was the series of entertaining games that were organized to keep the women entertained and involved. From trivia quizzes to team challenges, there was a game for everyone, bringing out laughter and a sense of competition.

As the evening drew to a close, Irene Pais and Eugene Quadrus, representing the participants, extended their gratitude to ICYM for orchestrating the event, making it a truly wonderful experience for all. Their appreciation echoed the sentiments of the participants who relished the opportunity to come together and enjoy the evening.

In a sweet ending to the event, ice creams were distributed to all, providing a refreshing treat as a token of appreciation and a delightful conclusion to an evening that showcased the sense of togetherness and community spirit within St. Peter Church. This gathering exemplified the values of camaraderie and fun, fostering stronger bonds among the women of the church and ICYM members. It was a heartwarming and memorable occasion that will be cherished by all in attendance.

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