Installation Ceremonies of Interact Clubs at 2 High Schools Emphasize Student Leadership and Social Responsibility

Government High School, Kavadi - 20th July 2023.

The Installation Ceremony of the Interact Club at Government High School, Kavadi, was held under the leadership of the Rotary Club, Barkur. The event was presided over by Mr. Rajaram Aital, the District Representative, who had the honor of collaring and officially transferring responsibilities to the newly elected President of the Interact Club, Ms. Prajna.

To inspire and enlighten the young leaders, a thought-provoking lecture on "Holistic Education" was delivered by Mr. Rtn. Ananda Shetty, the Honorable Immediate Past Assistant Governor. His speech highlighted the significance of nurturing all aspects of a student's development through comprehensive education.

Following the installation, the students of the school, supported by former Interact Club members, actively participated in a "Vana Mohothsava" by planting trees. The distribution of saplings aimed to promote environmental awareness and encourage students to contribute to the cause of afforestation.

Notable personalities present on the dais included Mr. Sitarām S., the Rotary President, Mr. Rajaram Aital, the Chief Guest, Mr. Ananda Shetty, the Assistant Governor, Mrs. Jayashree, the Principal, Mr. K. Babu Nayak, the Program Coordinator, Ms. Prajna, the Interact Club Chairperson, and Mr. Sinchana, the Secretary.

The event was filled with enthusiasm and showcased the dedication of the young Interact Club members to serving their community. Such initiatives provide a platform for students to develop leadership skills and instill in them a sense of social responsibility.

Maryknoll High School - 21st July 2023

The Installation Ceremony of the Interact Club at Merinol Public School took place on the morning of 21st July 2023. The event was honored by the presence of Mr. Rt. Dinesh Nairy, the Interact Zonal Coordinator, who had the privilege of collaring the newly elected President, Miss Ashita.

Rotary President, Mr. Sitarām S., assumed the role of Chief Guest, and the event began with a warm welcome address by Mr. Rt. Sathish S. Ameen, the Interact Club Chairman.

The ceremony featured various engaging activities, including an interactive Q&A session, providing students with an opportunity to actively participate and express their thoughts.

The dais was graced by Rotary President, Mr. Sitarām S., Guest of Honor, Mr. Rtn. Dinesh Nairy, Mr. Ramanand, the Principal, Mr. K. Babu Nayak, the Program Coordinator, and Mr. Sohel, the Interact Teachers Coordinator.

During her acceptance speech, Miss Ashita, the newly appointed President, expressed her gratitude and shared her vision for the club, highlighting her commitment to serving the school and the community through various initiatives and projects.

The event, skillfully anchored by Mr. Rohit, concluded on a high note with Miss Trisha extending a vote of thanks to all the attendees and participants for their active involvement.

Both Installation Ceremonies exemplified the schools' commitment to empowering students, fostering leadership, and promoting social responsibility. The Interact Clubs are now poised to make a positive impact in their respective schools and communities, contributing to a culture of compassion and service.

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